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What does your screen name mean?


since i was a child, my dad, his brothers, had called me thier little "buddy", and there are times, i cannot recall my real first name.

the "d" is the first letter in my last name.

the 157 is for....

1 one wife.....

5 five children

7 seven grand kids. (so far)
A long time ago far, far away I was a gunner on a helicopter gunship serial number 64-14084. The convention was to use our platoon’s radio call sign along with last three numbers of the tail number to identify each aircraft. Our platoon’s call sign was “Joker” so my bird was Joker 084. If you take the first three letters of my first name and the first two letters of my last and add 084 you get geokr084. There you have it!

my MOS in the Corps was originally hydraulics/pneumatics repair (Organizational Level which is a fancy term for actual on aircraft work) on AV-8B Harriers. Instead of calling it the Hydraulics shop, it was called hyd shop. So Hydguy was a pretty easy screen name to come up with. we were later combined with the structures guys and became Airframes.
Downside, there is a city in India called Hyderabad, so I get lots of spam email from India from people over there trying to use it.
Jester is my beloved pit bull's name and 560 is my street address. I would post a pic but I don't have any that meets the size requirements of the forum.
I live in the middle of W. Texas.

One time, I was standing in the middle of a parking lot with my car door open and one came directly at me. The angle of the open door was such that all the trash and dirt it was carrying got funneled right into my car.
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