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I have one of those complicated German last names that got distilled down to "Blaster" on the first ship I served on. Strangely, I lived up to my handle on one of the last ships I served on.

[SEA STORY ALERT] Our ship was on the way to Guantanamo Bay for refresher training when we discovered that for the man overboard drill, the boat officer would have to carry the M-14 due to the required small boat crew size limitation. So, on the flight deck of a flat bottomed LST with consistent 10-15 degree rolls, I was the only officer onboard that was able to qualify on the M-14. It was probably the only time in my naval career that I was considered a salty bad-ass by the entire crew. Even our chief gunner's mate told me, "I don't know how you did that!".
My horse's registered name is Ms Chocolate Caandy, which came from the James Caan lineage. So I stole the "Caan" from that and tried to be creative. I derived on a couple of "Caanu's," but the name, Caanuride has been my favorite.
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