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Hi all, new here. Got my second Canik, the Mete MC9. Was hoping someone could answer a probably very easy question that I have been unable to find an answer to regarding mounting the Mecanik MO1 to the Mete MC9. There is a plate/spacer included with the MO1, neither the instructions in the mete or mecanik manuals say anything about this piece, including if it should be used or not. Just wondering if anyone has installed the MO1 on the MC9 and if they used it, or just mounted directly to the slide without? Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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Honestly that's what I'm trying to figure out! Says nothing in either manual. I'm just trying to co-witness the factory front sight. Both do...just wondering if it's needed or not. Reached out to canik haven't heard. On another forum one stated the reply from canik was "it's not needed but can use" I'm just curious to what purpose it serves (obviously it's included for a reason) I'm new to micro optics so just want to make sure I'm getting it on right
From what I've read the M01 is made for the Mete series to auto adjust and co witness direct. I mounted mine minutes the plate but wont test it until tomorrow or Saturday. If no replies by then I'll let you know how it turns out and will keep looking for more definitive info in the meantime....
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