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ncjw wrote: Wed Apr 19, 2023 7:12 am The question is, why is he finally getting around to reviewing the years old Elite SC when the Mete MC is the latest and greatest?

Because there's at least SOME of us who appreciate the versatility and shootability of a pistol a bit larger and heavier than the new crop of ultra-compact carry pistols? :-BD

Thanks for the heads up, saved that video, will watch it when I get home this evening!
Hey, I love my SC, it is ridiculously accurate for a subcompact. With an extended mag it would be great for home defense and for some, it is a fine concealed choice.

But Bud's sponsors Hickok45, so if anyone could get their hands on a new MC (not me, I keep calling LGS's and no one has them), it would be Bud's.
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