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By toddrover
Hey ya’ll
So I recently picked up the Mete MC9 and through on a Mecanik M01 red dot on it. Took it to the range and all was good. Now a couple days later, just messin with it at home and I notice the red dot is sooo faint, you can barely see it. I thought well maybe the battery that it came with was just bad and replaced it with a new one. Unfortunately, it made no difference at all. Any suggestions on what could be wrong?
By Woodsick
Sorry I can't help you with your question. Maybe you can with one I have. I also just got MC9 and M01. Just wondering if you installed the spacer/plate that was included in the box with the M01, or mounted directly to slide without using that piece? I can't find anywhere in either the gun or optics manuals or instructions that talks about using it or not. Maybe once I get it installed I will see if I am having the same issue as you are!
By PNWexec
When I bought an M01, the first battery only lasted a short while. Replaced it and it was dead in only a couple days. Replaced it again and seems to be working fine, but not on one of my guns. It now lives on my brother's p322 which is only a range plinker since neither of us would rely on that thing to work in a pinch.
As for the 2nd question, I believe that is to ensure proper connection with the battery.

In either instance, I'd sell it and get a Holosun or better... Just my 2 cents
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