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Discussion Section for Ammunition, Reloading and Handloading.
Well, heaven help me for bringing it up, but my (heavy, ugly ass) Hi-Point is probably the softest shooting 9mm I've ever fired. Accurate and reliable too.

ETA: I totally missed the "AMMO" in your post. My bad.....
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Winchester white box 115gr fmj and federal 115 fmj's tend to be loaded on the lighter side, however they can also be a bit inconsistent causing flyers. Magtech, Fiochi, S&B, PPU are what I like if shooting for accuracy 115 or 124gr fmj, along with various HP carry ammo but the carry ammo tends to be hotter.
Take it easy. Just asking the mods to put it in the correct post area. If I can communicate in 3 words instead of 300 then I do it that way.

Now to the subject.....
I found power factor ammo around 115-118 to perform in the Caniks after the recoil springs are shot with hot ammo and if you have made changes to lighter springs with modified setups.
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