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By Niagara
if its a TP9SFx you can probably expect some teething problems with it failing to eject standard 115g rounds. I had stovepipe after stovepipe but today i put 124g NATO through it (as recommended by Canik when breaking it in) and 100 rounds without incident.
I then put 50 115g through it and no FTEs but i did notice it ejected the rounds less than a foot and often into my face and onto my head.
So i'll run another 100 124g NATO through it.
By daveOinPa
i got the tp9 elite sc. Put 150 rounds of ball ammo and 40 115 grain norma hollow ponts thru it so far ,no issues to report and not snappy at all . ,,pistol is
probably more accurate than me . Not a bad gun at all
By daveOinPa
thank you for the warm welcome ! No teething problems of any kind Going to run 100 rds of reman target ammo this week . Ive use this reman ammo before in many calibers and they do a good job on it. Maybe a red dot in the future. because eyes not that great and need all help i can get with optics i can get lol
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