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By jlewis39
So, I happened to be at my local gun store yesterday afternoon and what do I spy on the shelf...a newly released METE MC9!

That came out the case pretty quickly for my examination. I've been looking for a smaller Canik to conceal carry but hadn't pulled the trigger yet on anything. I'm hoping this platform will be the one. We'll see.

I walked out the door with an all-black MC9 yesterday for less than MSRP ( including tax, background check, etc.). I'm going to count that as a win for the day.

The gun felt good in hand, particularly with the 15rd mag. (I didn't switch out the flat plate for the pinkie plate on the 12rd mag, while at the store.) I like the option of 3 different backstrap sizes. The METE frame felt good in my admittedly small hands. The METE beavertail curve fits just a bit better in my hand than the SFx frame style. The curved trigger was smooth and had a crisp clean break, very similar to the SFx, during dry fire. The reset was precise and fit my index finger length well.

Now, to find some time to actually shoot it and see how it does for accuracy and such.

*My opinions only, of course.*

Edited to add: I'd love to add photos to this post, but I'm not creating an account on another site just to host pictures for this site. Sorry.
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By StuartV
Awesome news! My gunsmith just let me know that his distributor has finally shipped him the Rival-S I ordered. I asked him to check if they have the MC9 yet. If so, I'll be getting that, too.

Great to hear they are already hitting dealer shelves.
By jlewis39
I wasn't expecting to see one on the shelf this past Saturday. I've been following them since the news hit at Shot Show earlier this year, but didn't expect to see any in small town PA for quite some time.

Imagine my extreme surprise when there it was...just hanging there nonchalantly on the bottom rack of the display case. I immediately asked to see it. I did dither for a bit because I genuinely hadn't planned to purchase anything other than maybe some ammunition that day. However, I couldn't not take advantage of that price and opportunity.

Of course, I found out today that my SO had one ordered for me before finding out that I'd bought one on Saturday. Whoops. That order got cancelled in a hurry. All's well that ends well, I suppose.
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By WxGuy
Has anyone shot one yet?
I get to hold one tomorrow afternoon at the LGS. It might follow me home.
By jlewis39
Alas, my work schedule prevented me from immediately trying out my new MC9. Further, I'm now out of state for the next week.

The MC9 sits at home, in its case, still waiting to be shot for the first time.

I'll post up once, I get the opportunity. I'm hoping to get out the local indoor range sometime during the weekend of 3/18-19.
By Dajogejr
I will step up here and be a team player…send the gun over, I will test fire and provide results. I’ll even use your ammo to keep the test results as apples to apples as possible.. :)

Good luck and safe travels… looking forward to hearing your results. I’m in the market for a backup EDC and this one is in my crosshairs!
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By WxGuy
I was at my LGS this afternoon and the new MC9 followed me home. I'll put 100 rounds thru it tomorrow. It feels real good in my medium sized hands. Nice and comfy/rounded off just like the youtubers are claiming.
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By WxGuy
After 300+ rounds, the first 150 being hot break-in ammo, I can report the MC9 eats every weight and bullet profile factory 9mm ammo.  One word; keeper.
By jlewis39
How's it feel? If I may be so bold: how would you characterize your hand size...small/med/large? What did you think of the trigger?

You guys are awesome! I'm really looking forward to getting home and getting mine out to the range ASAP!
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By WxGuy
I'd put it on par with the feel of a Glock 26 and 19. Once I firmed up my grip, it felt like a 19. I was very pleased with this and I have medium hands. Immediately put the pinky extension on the 12 round mag. The trigger breaks at 4.5lbs and has a distinct wall before the gun goes bang. Very, very pleased with the short reset. I heated up the gun so much I had to let it cool off. I strong-handed it, shot weak hand, all without a glitch. I did run the mags at 12+1 and 15+1. Both ran this way just fine.

I took out of the box the holster (yuck), the lock, and magazine loader. Into the new range bag is a Maglula and XTP 124g for carry. I don't know what carry holster I'll end up with because the gun is so new. You are going to be well rewarded!
By Oscars774
Went to range today to shoot some of my rifles and pistol.I spoke to the front desk employee about the Canik METE MC9 and he told me to hold my thought and he pulls out a new MC9 in black and brown. He just received it 15mins before I walked in so I bought it ($399). The new Form 4473 is a pain and we ended up doing it 3 times since you have to spell out your entire state in the portion of the form and the employee wrote down the wrong serial number. Thanks God my Texas CCW does not require NICS check. I wish this range starts using computer for these forms. I got the pistol and shot 200 rds it was flawless. These all of my Canik mags including the 20 Rd Mete Mags on this new pistol. I will rotate this with my Shield Plus and SIgs. Love it :-D
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