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New Members, take a moment and introduce yourself. Tell us a little about you and your interest in the Canik brand of firearms.
By Niagara
Bought my first gun as soon as Trudeau announced he would ban them. the TP9SFx was one of the few remaining guns left for sale. Announce you will ban them and millions will be bought, massive fail. So far I have had nothing but problems with FTE. 9 out 10 rounds stovepipe. im going to order 100 rounds of 124g NATO FMJ and see if that fixes it. previous handguns i have fired are the Browning 9mm and the walther PPK. Loved the Browning but her majesty asked for it back when I left her employ. The walther she can keep.
What ammo were you using? Not sure if they're still doing it but if you contact them you might still be able to get them to send you RSA that'll run weaker loads, but 100-200 rounds of NATO or hotter 115 should break it in.

PPK was one of my first pistols, no longer have it don't regret selling it. I do like HiPower's, have a couple and recently got Girsan clone, which is pretty nice if they're available in Canada, can findem for around $450 here.
By Niagara
i have been using PMC Bronze 115g. 124g NATO should arrive today.
Meanwhile, I've hand cycled it 1,000 times, maybe that will help. :-?

I would have liked a HiPower but when our glorious leader decided that crime was due entirely to legally held handguns her banned the sale and transfer of all handguns back in August, there were very few handguns of any kind for sale in Canada. I have a good friend who doesn't want his 1942 HiPower and he can't even give it to me now.

I will let you know how the next range day goes. But if it keeps FTE after every round it could be a long day.
I will gladly come get that HiPower from your friend if that's what it takes to make Canadia safe. I'll exchange it for a lower power recoil spring just to be nice :)

Welcome to the forum. Stick with it as they are great guns.
Welcome to the forum. There's nothing better than a gun grabbing politician to stimulate gun sales.
My SFX had a few stovepipes and failure to eject, but 200 rounds of break in and all is good.
Hello from Sask, have a Mete SFX and had some stovepipe issues off the go also. Left the gun with slide locked open for a couple days but didn't seem to make a difference, emailed Canik here in canada and they sent me a reduced power spring which helped a bit. It just needs hotter ammo/bit of a break in and then they run fine.
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