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Focused Discussions for all Canik Firearms. (TP Series, P Series, Shark, Stingray & MKEK)
Ok, I’m new. I’m considering checking these out, and have questions. First and foremost - is there an explainer out there telling what the various lines are? Lots of number and word soup to sift through. Like, what’s a Mete vs a TP?
topic1098.html theirs this thread though it isn't updated with the latest models. So Mete edition's are all optic ready, fiber front sight,ambi slide lock, and I think they include magwell(SFX METE does anyway), I believe SF Elite, subcompact are also available as METE Pro's which include night sights as well. Models with an S in them are models fitted with a manual saftey, 'One' designations are bare bones, just pistol and 1 mag.
I agree that their naming is very confusing, and I really am not sure what's what... but then again I am a Canik noob.
Literally got my first one today - TP9 Elite Combat Executive.
Going to test it at the range on Sat....
I would pick up anything Elite Combat and newer. You'll get the best triggers, and newest upgrades. Unless you want something smaller than a compact re: tp9 elite subcompact, trigger is still good, rounded but essentially 2nd gen trigger. Combat is 3rd generation and flat, mete is 4th gen and rounded but has 1/16th more take-up than Combat but aboutn1/32nd shorter reset. Rival has shortest take-up, is flat faced, and shortest reset. However I haven't compared these to the Pro models... and obviously no in hand info on new steel version or new micro version. If you have medium or smaller hands I recommend the compact versions, (Elite/Elite Combat/Mete SF) if you have larger hands I recommend the Rival versions. (Rival/Mete SFT) I may not have specifically answered OPs question very well. But listed the Caniks I think are worth owning
Caniks are pretty simple to me, now.

Serious about competition: Rival-S
Range use and/or casual competition use and/or home defense: Rival (or Rival-S)
Concealed carry: Mete MC9

PERSONALLY, I have no use for or interest in any other Caniks anymore. I have sold my TP9 SFx. I have my Rival for competition now and have a Rival-S and an MC9 ordered.
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