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Focused Discussions for all Canik Firearms. (TP Series, P Series, Shark, Stingray & MKEK)
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By arff
I just saw a listing for a "Canik Elite Combat Elven Dagger Pistol"... anyone heard of this or know what it is?
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By keltex78
By StuartV
This seems to fit right in with the market breakdown I heard in the ARF video yesterday about the Rival-S and MC9.

"There are the main groups in the pistol community. The competition shooters, the concealed carry people, and the IG Flex group."

LOL! I have been contemplating the group that really likes the guns like what are shown/talked about in this thread, but I didn't have a name for them. The "Instagram Flex" crowd is just perfect!

It's the same crowd that I see posting on FB pics of their guns that they are "building for competition" where they have just actually RUINED their gun for competition us. A TP9 SFx or a Rival with a (crappy) compensator and a "weapon mounted light", and an aftermarket mag well, and a slide-mounted optic, and a bunch of bling that does nothing but change the colors on some parts. Not a single thing done to tune the gun to actually make it shoot better ('cause they don't even know what that means, much less how to do it).

The IG Flex group. I like it. I expect they'll be snapping up the Elven Dagger and the Battleworn models, too.
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By colonel00
TL1000RSquid wrote: Fri Jan 20, 2023 1:59 pm Battleworn Canik in FDE? Just need to take the normal FDE to the range a few times and it looks battleworn.
Looks more like rattle can it brown first and then go shoot. Will wear back to the tan in no time :D
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By arff
Well they want extra for it... kind of like my daughter's torn jeans.... Of course I had to ask just to get her to roll her eyes...: "You paid for those?" ;ˆ)

It comes in a kit with what looks like a shoulder stock and an M02 optic as well. Not worth the extra they are asking in my opinion...
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By arff
The constant blue glow will be highly annoying given the Orcs I normally shoot with...

I will hold out for the future models:
Canik Elite Combat King's Sword Which Was Broken But Is Now Fixed Pistol
Canik Elite Combat Thor's Hammer After It was Stolen By Loki But Then Recovered By The Hulk Pistol
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