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Taking the new gun out to put a couple hundred factory rounds thru it…2 locked up the slide tighter than a drum at battery. Afterward while loading dummy rounds preparing to start reloading I was using VV320 powder numbers on their website. They list the COL for my round to be 1.142…this failed the plunk test terribly and I could recreate the slide locked in battery with that round. I needed to go all the way down to 1.107 to get it to pass plunk. Is this typical? I’ve never had this finicky of a gun, I’m use to 1911s.

Shouldn't be a huge problem. If you need more throat, find someone with a 9mmP reamer and the throat can usually be opened up with only a few careful turns on the reamer by hand. Make sure whoever does this does know what they are doing, though. The truncated cone bullets I load don't extend into the throat very far at all. I'm guessing the truncated cone profile bullets should work ok for you too. Anyway, good luck and enjoy the pistol!
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