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Hi All,

New to the forum, and just about to get my first Canik, which is also my first handgun, and I am trying to decide between the Rival, or the SFx Mod2.

I will be shooting entirely competition as that's all we're allowed to do here in Aus, so no concealed carry, hunting, or anything like that, and was wondering what the main differences were between the SFx Mod 2 and the Rival other than trigger, optic mounts and aesthetics.
It seems to be the same overall gun, with the same frame, slide, barrell etc, so was wondering if there was something major I was missing and whether or not it would be worth the extra money for me, as a new handgun shooter, to step up into the Rival. Or will the SFx Mod 2 be more than enough gun to start with?

Thanks in advance!!

Welcome aboard the forum.

From various threads on this forum, the SFx 2.0 (same thing as the METE here) normally requires upgrades to get it "competition" ready. Trigger is just one of the many changes.

The Rival has a great trigger out of the box and requires only as many upgrades as you want to do. You can shoot it using the provided holster out of the box for matches. topic4940.html#p46448

Given you are from AUS, your aftermarket parts may be more limited than ours here. I read about overseas residents asking about getting trigger and such all the time. It's illegal for us to sent them too.

So, all things being equal, if it was me and cost was not a problem, I'd go for the Rival. I shoot an SFx for competition and the mods I have done doubled the cost of the gun not including the optic. I'm looking to get a Rival to become my primary competition gun and have the current SFx become my backup gun.
Thanks for the info!
As a new pistol shooter, I'm just not sure I'm going to notice the difference with the Rival. Not yet anyway..
So I am thinking the SFX Mod2 is my way to go, as it has fibre optic front sight, whereas , here, the Mete has 3 white dot sights and a slight change to mag release, which seems to be about it between the two other than box contents. I just wish the SFX Mod2 came with a magwell, but I can always get one of those later.

Thanks again.
Anyone else have any advice between Mete, SFx Mod2 and Rival?
Riavl - all day and Sunday! No upgrades required, honestly why buy a new pistol only to turn around and upgrade it immediately? If that is what you need to make it work, then it wasn't the pitsol you should have brought in the first place... No upgrades needed with Rival, except that you will have to upgrade yourself as the operator because anything that goes wrong at the target end will be your fault entirely. No more blaming the pistol! Keeping it real, everything you need to compete is in the box. Save your coin for ammo.

Welcome to the Darkside - AUS

SFx barrel is too long for IPSC Production and Optics divisions.

Mete thin slide doesn't accept larger optic plates used in competition but aftermarket plates are available.

Also, I don't think mag wells are legal in IPSC Production or PO divisions. But the IPSC site sucks and I can't even view the production approved gun list.
The other main difference not mentioned above is the different slide lock between the SFx and Rival/METE. The SFx slide lock is only on the left side of the gun and is more pronounced than the ambidextrous design on the Rival/METE. What this means is depending on your grip style, there is the possibility of "riding the slide lock" with your thumb and thereby possibly not getting a last round slide lock back. Also, the Rival frame is recontoured around the beavertail, providing more comfort for your thumb joint, and the trigger guard is undercut. All in all, the Rival is the updated/upgraded pistol and is the way to go unless you get some kind of killer deal on a SFx you simply can't pass up.

Out of curiosity, since you can only use your pistol for competition, do you have any special requirements for keeping your pistol at home, assuming you can keep your pistol at home?
Sorry for the late reply, but yes, we do have special requirements for keeping pistols at home.
Firstly, new handgun licensees aren't able to for at least 6 months.
Then have to buy an approved safe(cant just keep it in a long arm safe). Safe needs to be 6mm steel and adequately bolted down. The installation also needs to be police inspected and have a document confirming inspection.

Then to take it to the range, we need to have it locked in a case 'of sturdy construction', which is then chained to the vehicle(around seat mounts is considered acceptable). Ammo needs to be carried separately in the vehicle.

A bit of a run around, but I can understand the intention and reasons.
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