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By BlasterRick2
Scofflaw was a term coined during Prohibition for basically anyone who kept on drinking alcohol anyways. I'm not advocating drinking, but it has been around a long time and even was a necessity in some eras/areas where the available drinking water would make you seriously ill or dead.

I didn't want to hijack any threads on this forum, but wanted to point out that laws making former law abiding citizens of this country into law breakers overnight might be best ignored. Call it civil disobedience if you wish.

I have a parable: once upon a time raising chickens in your backyard was considered a patriotic thing to do. It eased the burden of suppling food to the troops going overseas in WWI and WWII. Fast forward to today, some (but not all) cities have banned backyard chickens (hens). I live in one of those cities. The surrounding cities allow up to 6 backyard hens in a coop. Regardless, I have had chickens for over 10 years. I have a neighbor with chickens; the vet I take my cat to has chickens out back, as do some farm-to-table restaurants. Nobody cares; the chicken police have yet to materialize. There is no effort to round up wayward, illegal hens in some sort of sting operation funded by an egg consortium.

Apply this parable in any way you wish - just don't be a chicken!
By ncjw
Read "Three Felonies a Day". There are so many laws (most of which a normal person never heard of) that you can't help but violate some of them.

Also, the guy who stopped the mall shooting showed something that I was not aware of. If you carry despite the No Gun signs at stores and malls, it may not be a crime. The store can ask you to leave. If you do not, then you are trespassing and you can be arrested. But if you just leave, no problem. Check your state laws.
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By Badgerboy
In Wisconsin, you cannot enter while carrying if the owner places a No Gun sign.
By ncjw
Badgerboy wrote: Sat Nov 26, 2022 6:21 pm In Wisconsin, you cannot enter while carrying if the owner places a No Gun sign.
Understood. What happens if you do?

IN NC, it is not clear (as far as my reading since I brought it u[) whether it would be a Class 2 Misdemeanor for illegal carrying (which doesn't make sense, as you are legally carrying) or simple trespassing misdemeanor. Haven't spent a lot of time on it, but not getting an easy answer.

Technically, you can be charged with trespassing even if the owner doesn't ask you leave and you choose not to. So a Karen could call the cops on you without notifying the business and you wouldn't know what the fuss was about until they got there.

Certainly nothing happened to the IN mall shooter who was clearly violating the signage.
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By Badgerboy
You can lose your CC permit...if something escalates, then obviously, things can get ugly and you get 3 hots-n-a-cot. I don't care to jeopardize my CC, so if I see a sign, I won't go in unless I have to. I'm sure most cops would give a warning before taking any punitive action, but you never know...
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By BlasterRick2
In VA, bit of a soup sandwich. Property owners can post 'no firearms' signs, but it does not bear the force of law. Meaning, if you get caught, it would be a trespass charge, not a firearm violation. True gun ban zones have to be listed in the state ordinance. Gun laws are meant to confuse and they also change with the political wind. My wife has a group of friends that regularly attend plays at a city run venue. It is not properly posted for 'no firearms', however, they run everyone through a metal detector. The bags and purses get a quick look-see; my wife's cc purse would easily make it past inspection. I was recently there for an event and wondered what would happen if I brought my legal, sub-3" folding knife. Ashamed to say, I chickened out! I have donated too many Swiss army knives with 1" blades to the TSA already. I'm not a lawyer and I pick my battles when I can, if I can. Still, upsetting you can't go out for an enjoyable evening without getting your rights violated in some way.
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By colonel00
In KS the "no black berettta" signs are mostly just a suggestion. Aside from actually protected places like government buildings, schools and places like that, it is as others have mentioned. You can be asked to leave and possibly face a trespassing charge if you refuse but there is no firearms infraction or affect on your CCW. In fact, even though KS does have some liberal influence in some areas recently, it is a right to carry state so a CCW is not even needed. It does provide some benefits though and I found that while the training should never be required for someone to carry, it was very informative and well worth the time to take. Mostly, understanding when you are actually justified to draw/brandish the weapon, threaten and fire is something people really need to put a lot of thought into. The whole "your life or the life of others is in eminent danger with no option of escape" can really save your hide.
By daveOinPa
best to know your CC laws in every state you go to, Sometimes best to put in the trunk of your car rather than risk a felony , If you are law abiding type and they serched trunk it would be an ilegal secrch and get thrown out Yes i am very aware that a pistol is not much good to you in the trunk,

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