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I have a 3 SFX pistols. It may not mean much, but I got a single and dual flute compensator from dis def. The single on my SC works great. I had issues with the dual on my SFX. Canik is not producing the low recoil springs yet. I cant shoot 115g in it any longer, it stove pipes.
I cleaned it and put 124g in it and only had 1 stove pipe in 40 rounds. I'm going to push the limit and ordered 147g and 158g to see if it will properly shoot. Springco wants 94 bucks for a rod and recoil spring. No guarantee. Stock, this gun would shoot any brand of ammo, 115g.
I hope this helps someone. Its been horrible that I cant get a simple recoil spring from Canik.
I run a W74 guide rod in mine and Wolff Commander springs. I can get whatever spring rate I want, from way too soft to way stiffer than necessary.

The W74 guide rod is Tungsten, which also helps reduce muzzle rise.

For that matter, with the weight I added and the spring changes, I get practically no muzzle rise anyway - without any need for a compensator. I can fire two rounds as fast as I can pull the trigger (about 0.17 seconds, according to the shot timer) and the holes will be within an inch of each other most of the time at 5 yards.

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