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I own the DA and now that Oregon has passed Measure 114, I need to purchase a couple 10 round mags to be in compliance. Put my name on the Canik and GunMagWarehouse waiting lists. Any other resources out there? Anyone willing to sell me their 10 rounders?


I have four standard 18 round mags. The new regulation says its okay to use high capacity mags on my property, at a range/competition, or while hunting. They have to be locked up separate from the gun during transport. So they are kinda grandfathered but I'm gonna get the 10 rounders for general transport. The DA is my primary home defense gun but it travels in the RV when we're boondocking.

Also own a LCP Max and P365 and they'll both have multiple 10 round mags, too.
Badgerboy wrote: Thu Nov 17, 2022 4:03 pm I thought the CA law on this was struck down by the courts. Why does Oregon think they will be more successful?
Because here in The Peoples Republic of Oregon, we don't listen to silly things like The Supreme Court. California did not do it right. But of course these idiots think they did it right this time.
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