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It was accidentally listed on Buds Gun Shop as a Rival-S Chrome but has since been pulled down.

I'll be all over that one when it comes out.

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The steel frame is better for competition. A heavier gun has less muzzle rise than the same thing with a plastic frame.

Doing better in IPSC/USPSA is (in my opinion) what is driving all these new steel framed models (e.g. the Walther Q5 SF).

If they bring out a Rival with a steel frame - and the price is still reasonable - I will definitely get one and relegate my current Rival to backup duty (for shooting USPSA and Steel Challenge and maybe use it in IDPA, too).
*sigh* I check back here every dang day. I keep hoping to find a post that the Rival-S is now in stock somewhere, so I can buy one. waah!

Does anybody have any word on when dealers will have the green light to start selling them?
Well, Canik announced it today. And Frank the Tank posted on FB that they would be on display at SHOT this week and shipping to dealers this week also. So, hopefully available to purchase sometime next week.
I sold my X5 Legion yesterday to make room for this one. I had a Rival DS before and added a Freedomsmith trigger shoe to it and that alone made it better. My SFX will have a new brother when they are released.
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Rival-S steel frame review

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