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Gotta be honest, not feeling that thumb rest.
And…I had a gas pedal on my X5, switched it out for the new paddle rest by Armory Craft.

I love the idea, don’t like the design. I’d want something a little less protruding and a little more subtle, just like the other models for the 320 series.
Flawless today.
50 rounds of 115 grain, just to check the new sprinco setup.
100 rounds of my typical 124Gr reloads.
Flawless… removed the Holosun and put a DPP on and will sight in tomorrow.

I did notice, the new Sprinco guide rod hangs up a bit trying to field strip it, I had to tap it a few times and give it some extra umph to get the slide off.
I’ll keep an eye on it as I typically tear down and clean every 3 range trips or 400 to 500 rounds.
Switched over to the DPP yesterday, too 3 groups of 5 to get it dialed in. Would have probably take 2 groups of 10 if I hadn’t turned the windage the wrong way…. Surely, no shooter has ever made that mistake.. LOL.

I emailed Sprinco, the replied very quickly. Said no other issued reported, reinforced the trigger had to be pulled prior to pushing the take down buttons..which I thought was odd, because I’m 99.9% certain prior…this was never needed. I think I just had to break in/run in this new recoiled management guide rod and spring, it seems to break down normal now. I have roughly 300 to 350 total down range with the spring kit and recoil system.
Flawless in shooting, a little softer shot, but if I’m being 100% honest, the slide return does feel a little sluggish compared to the factory setup. I may go back and forth to see.
The trigger breaks clean at 2.5lbs. So far, so good.

This is my new go to for range/target pistol. If I do get a chance to get out for some competitions this year, this will be the pistol I most likely choose to shoot.

While I like the Holosun setup, features and battery life, the field of view with the DPP is just simply better on all accounts. Dot clarity and size are pretty near identical from the 507C to the DPP.

My brother in law yesterday at the range was amazed at how well it shot, and frankly, everything that it comes with at the price point it does… as am I.
I'm happy you had such an awesome range day and figured out the Sprinco issue!
I spent yesterday shooting semi auto .22 pistols. The Ruger LCP II in .22 is a ........, I'll leave it at that. The Glock 44 is magazine picky and likes the OEM offerings.
Could you make a list of mods you have performed on the S?
Not sure of the point of that thumb rest, either.

It won't fit in almost any hoster with that, right?

You would need a full race Open division-legal holster to work with that, right? Like a DAA Alpha-X or the like.

And if you're shooting a Rival in Open, you'd want a frame-mounted optic that would probably have a thumb rest built into the mount.

I think the thumb rest would not be legal for any other division (in USPSA) but Open.

So, basically, it seems useless for competition.

And if you're not using your Rival for competition, why would you ruin all your holster options with that thumb rest?

And why would you really want it, anyway? So you can go do some range plinking and shave 5 thousandths off your split times (maybe - in your range plinking)? Really?

I'm sorry to sound so negative. If there's really value in a thumb rest like that, please tell me!
TacticalSpeed wrote: Mon Mar 06, 2023 4:49 pm I am still waiting to find one in stock around here/a shop being able to order one for me :(
Minutes after my post, I got an email from one of the many online vendors that they have a Chrome in stock & immediately placed my order :grinning:
When it comes in, I'm going to shoot my Canik Whiteout back to back with the Rival-S as I am thinking this might make me sell the Whiteout.
I finally picked up my Rival-S today. Took it straight to the range. Pulled off the slide, squirted some lube around the insides, put it back together and went to town. I put 100 rounds through it, in total. All 115gr FMJ generic bulk factory ammo. No issues of any type during the shooting.

After 100 rounds through the Rival-S, I switched to my Rival, which is fully upgraded for shooting in USPSA Carry Optics. Tungsten guide rod, FS trigger, brass back strap, brass +4 base pads on the mags, and all new springs, with an FTP Alpha 3 optic.

I was expecting the S to shoot better than a stock Rival. But, I think the S even shoots better than my modified Rival. It just needs some springs to lighten up the trigger. I can't wait to do the trigger, get a tungsten guide rod in it, and do any other CO-legal mods I can. It is awesome, as it is, and will only get better.

It was shooting high and right. Once I got it dialed in, I shot this. 18 rounds at 10 yards, shooting off hand (i.e. 2 hands, not braced on anything).
2023-03-21 13.33.39.jpg
2023-03-21 13.33.39.jpg (5.46 MiB) Viewed 109 times
Yeah baby!!! Nice report!
Your groups will tighten up after the upgrades. Was that the 115 bulk ammo? Wait until you try 124g!!! b-)
WxGuy wrote: Tue Mar 21, 2023 5:03 pm Yeah baby!!! Nice report!
Your groups will tighten up after the upgrades. Was that the 115 bulk ammo? Wait until you try 124g!!! b-)
Yes, that was generic, bulk 115 ammo. It's pretty much all I ever buy anymore. I was buying 147gr for shooting matches, but it's more expensive and harder to find. I setup the springs in my Rival with 115, so I expect to do the same with the Rival-S and just stick with that. Can't see a reason to change to 124 (I have shot it some).

I weighed the Rival and Rival-S.

Rival (w/brass backstrap, tungsten guide rod, and optic): 32 ounces. (no mag)
Rival-S, right out of the box: 38 ounces. (no mag, no optic)

With a W74 guide rod and the forthcoming heavier grip/backstrap from TF, the Rival-S is going to RULE!
I busted out my Wheeler digital trigger gauge. All following #s are 5-pull averages.

Bone stock, after shooting 100 rounds, my Rival-S clocked 4# 1oz.

My Rival, with all springs replaced, split ring mod, and a Freedomsmith trigger clocks 3# 2oz. That was measured (again) today, to be a direct comparison with the S.

I did the split ring mod on the S and installed a 5# Wolff striker spring.

The Rival-S now measures 3# 0 oz on the trigger pull. I am VERY pleased!

I have a softer safety plunger spring on the way from CGW. Based on how that affected my Rival, I'm expecting it to take another 4 - 8 ounces off the Rival-S trigger pull. If so, then I'll be done with the trigger except for the possibility of putting in a FS trigger to reduce take-up.

I have a tungsten guide rod on the way, but, for now, I will swap in the one from my Rival. I already tried it for dry fire and that rod seems to be fine. I emailed W74 and Kevin responded that he uses the rod from his Rival in his Rival-S and it works fine.

Oh, and I installed the FTP Alpha 3 (10 MOA) that I had waiting. Same optic as on my Rival.

I think I just need to zero the optic and it's pretty much ready to go to a match. Which is awesome because I'm shooting the USPSA South Carolina Sectional championship on Saturday. I was going to play it safe and shoot my tried-and-true Rival, with the S as backup. But, I should get another visit or 2 to the range before Saturday, so if the S does not show any problems, I will probaby shoot it in the match.



I went to zero the Rival-S and I'm not sure what happened. I dialed it in at 10 yards. Then I back off to 25 yards and tweaked it a little more. Then checked it again at 10 and all seemed good. Then I swapped in the W74 guide rod and spring from my Rival and started testing that. Almost immediately, it wasn't "right" and I soon figured out my optic was now shooting about 6" to the right at 10 yards. Then, I ran out of time. The RO came over to tell me the range was closed for the day and I needed to go.

So, I put my guide rod and spring back in my Rival and shot that in the match. That proved funny, too. They actually had a warmup area at the match, so I decided to avail myself. i went to the line and wasn't paying attention and pulled the Rival-S out and started shooting it. It took me a few rounds to realize the dot was off and then realize "Oh, I took out the wrong pistol!" Lucky! Without that warm-up area, I might have pulled out the wrong pistol and started shooting real stages with it. Who knows how long it would have taken me then to realize what I'd done wrong!

As for the optic, it was drizzling while I was zeroing and testing. I am HOPING that it just got a drop of water on the emitter or something and that the optic is not defective. But, I'll have to wait to find out.

Meanwhile, I did absolutely awful in the match. The Rival ran great. But, I haven't been practicing recently and it really showed. I teach scuba (in addition to my day job) and I've had a lot going on there the last few months, so I just haven't been able to shoot much. Oh, well. It was still fun and a great overall experience.

Lastly, most of the parts I ordered for the Rival-S came in yesterday (while I was gone to the match, of course).

I re-checked the trigger and it was 2# 14 oz.

I installed a CGW plunger spring. That dropped it to 2# 9 oz.

I installed a Galloway trigger return spring. That made no change at all.

I decided after the last range trip that I really do prefer the short take-up of the FS Zombie Pro trigger in my Rival. They had one in stock, so I have ordered one for the Rival-S. I should have that in the next day or so. I'll install that and then be ready for another range trip, to figure out if my optic is okay and start testing different recoil springs to see what really works best for me and my ammo.

I am definitely looking forward to having the Rival-S ready to shoot in my next match.
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