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Just got my rival s chrome. Two of the grip screws were striped and no screws in the case to mount my Romeo 3 max with. After examining found that screw holes in grip panels do not line up with holes in frame.
Called support and was told I had to go on line and fill out a waiver and report with pictures.
Did that and heard nothing after couple of days. Called support again and got a person who said I should send gun in to find out why grip modules done fit frame. Said he would send me a shipping label asap after I sent him copy of bill of sale and drivers license.
Did this and received nothing after 3 days. So I started rummaging through my gun screws and found 2 that match optic threads so was good to go from there. Then re fitted large grip module to frame so that holes lined up with frame holes and was able to reuse 2 of the grip screws to hold grip on.
Went to range today to site in the S and found I had a single shot. Had either stove pipes or failure to load completely and sometimes failure to go into battery even though round was in chamber, but mostly fte.
Sited in my single shot S and found Great accuracy. Found one factory round in my bag and tried that with everything worked perfect, complete extraction and ejection. This round was pretty hot so I think I need lower recoil spring weight to function with my soft steel challenge carry optics loads.
Does anyone know if fsx springs will work in rival S or where I can get say a 14 lb. spring and regular stainless steel guide rod. I have a tungston guide rod and 13 lb. spring in my SXF but don’t remember were I got it.
Looks Like I can use my Legion X5 guide rod and commander 1911 style springs in my Rival. Which… I have a few of, lol…

At the range yesterday, I decided I wanted to blow through 2 boxes of 9mm, 115gr ammo, new, bought a few months ago.
My Rival didn’t like it.. at all.
Made it through both boxes between my Prodigy and Rival with it.. then went back to my 124gr reloads. Zero issues. If I wanna run softer ammo, the ability to use a X5 guide rod and commander springs is nice.

Not very encouraging as it pertains to the warranty call into service.
When I called Springfield for my Prodigy, I had a pre-paid RMA label in my email within 10 minutes.
A few simple questions, they advised me to ship via FedEx and look for a location that shipped firearms…

I’m kinda on the fence for changing out springs,especially trigger springs…. That kind of customer service doesn’t inspire confidence.
It almost makes you think they (Canik) should send the guns over here then change out the guiderod to a W74 and 15lbs spring. It would solve a lot of issues with our weaker ammo and a EU/NATO sprung RSA. This kind of negative press can't be good for them and I feel for the new S owner.
I am now running a 16lbs spring on the W74 rod and it is purring like a kitten. That's the only spring I have changed.
Wx, any idea what the factory recoil spring is on the Rival S model?
To me, it’s pretty damn stout. It’s way more pressure than my X5 Legion or S&W competitor.

I will say, 4-5 issues with the first 100 rounds, since then, easily several hundred trouble free rounds of my 124 reloads…. The factory new 115, as previously mentioned, not so much.
I have 3,460 rounds through my original Rival and recently picked up a chrome Rival-S. I set it up like the OG then shot it yesterday. I did not like it.

It is soft, which was to be expected. But it also feels very sluggish, like shooting 160gr bullets. (I was shooting three different loads: 150gr coated, 147gr jacketed, and 147r plated.) The same loads are fine in the OG Rival but give a very slow feeling slide action with the steel gun.

And for some inexplicable reason, some rounds feel extra poofy, like they are undercharged.

This was in feezing cold with loads developed to meet 125 power factor at 32F and 130PF at warmer temps.

The dot is difficult to track, perhaps because of a slow slide.
Just for kicks try some 124 grain bullets. I have always felt that steel guns feel slow with the heavy bullets.

I tend to think the 124s feel like they make heavy guns feel better. At least for me.
1. IT'S COLD OUTSIDE!!! (Just kidding!)

Have you had a chance to chrono the load in the S in these temps? It looks to me the ammo might be struggling but what do I know!
Maybe run a very thin oil on the rails?

That's some fancy shooting right there!!!
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Dajogejr wrote: Mon Feb 27, 2023 6:18 am Wx, any idea what the factory recoil spring is on the Rival S model?

I believe the stock RSA is up around 19-20lbs. I don't recall anyone getting a straight answer from Canik when asked this question.

The 130-133 PF ammo I run likes the 16lbs spring on the W74 rod. Below 130 PF I throw in the 15lbs spring. I like the tune-ability of the W74 system. I'm glad there are systems available for everyone to set up their gun to their preference.
Thanks wx.
I ordered up the Springco guide rod and white spring, as I shoot 130 to 135 power factor ammo out of mine 99% of the time.
I also ordered up their striker spring and trigger return spring. I said I wasn’t going to change anything…but, I just couldn’t help myself…lol.

Because my Springfield Prodigy and my X5 Legion all will now take the same recoil springs, it seems I’m upping my inventory of parts to try.

I would agree with 19-20lbs on the factory recoil spring for the Rival S. It’s damn stout for sure, I know it’s NATO round based, but I dont’ think it needs to be that stiff for normal range/practice loads.
In my poly Rival that I sold, the yellow spring ran the best within your PF band. I found the white spring would occasionally keep the slide out of battery.
I know what you mean about keeping it "stock"!
Yellow spring it is…not sure where the heck I got white spring from. From Sprinco’s site, the kit, 18900…comes with Yellow.
Whew…had to double check there.. .I thought I did the research properly.
Range time Saturday and Sunday…
Spent a little time doin a little garage fixin.
New Sprinco guide rod, yellow spring, return and plunger. Went from 3.5 to 2.5 lb pull, right where I like my range/target pistols.
I may one day pickup a freedomsmith trigger for a little take up improvement, but…it’s darn good out of the box there.

Also redid my SA Prodigy with all new ignition kit and some sear spring tuning…also…2.5lb. Now, all three of my range/target pistols are all mid 2lb pulls, clean break. Gonna be a good weekend at the range!
It’s most likely only a matter of time. As said, without reservation the Rival S has the best out of the box trigger feel and break of any striker fired pistol I’ve ever owned, and it’s not even close.
But I like a nice 2.5 to 3lb trigger weight in my range/target guns. I’m there with all my pistols.

When I got my S&W Competitor a couple months ago…and my Legion X5 over a year a go, the pre-travel, break and reset weren’t great. Especially on the S&W…which, for 100 more than the Canik, was super disappointing.
I had an overwatch trigger kit and comp sear in my S&W within a week of getting it (it’s sold now…to a friend). Sig Armorer offers a drop in, DIY kit that is pure magic. I will say my X5 still has WAY less take up, same weight, just as clean of a break and great reset if not a little better than the Canik. But the Canik was so damn good out of the box.. I’m not too worried about it. Eventually…I’m sure a FS trigger will find it’s way in there.

For now, with all the new Sprinco goodies, my goal is to get 400 to 500 rounds down range over this weekend to make sure reliability is there. I’m gonna pick up a box or two of 115gr target rounds, to see if the Sprinco guide rod and yellow spring along with the new striker spring fire the 115 rounds as reliable as the pistol did stock with my personal preference 124gr reloads.

Should be a good weekend!!
I have trigger return springs from Soldermann in Sweden that got this whole thing started when we were tinkering with Walther PPQs. I think I'll try one in the S and I also have a lightened firing pin plunger spring from a Glock to install too. Might as well finish it today and shoot over the weekend. I'm sending my barrel in to Patriot Defense on Monday to have it reamed. I took the Sprinco setup out and prefer the W74. Something for everybody!
Have a great and safe weekend!!
Check this out Rival fans!!! I hear they are going to make one for the S model. Align Tactical. That's a pic of the Rival poly gun.
Align Tactical Thumb Rest for Rival S.GIF
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