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By Kb327
Two range trips so far and 150 rounds.
- Have fed it 5 different bullets - RMR 124 RN/TCFP/JHP reloads), Ficoccchi 124 JHP and Federal 147 JHP. No malfunctions. Reloads are all 130-135 PF. It deposits brass in a nice neat pile about 2.5 ft away.
- The iron sights work well with a 6'oclock hold and It shoots as good as my SFX. No sight drifting required.
- Put a TF brass backstrap on it and really like the extra weight.
- Trigger breaks at just under 4.5 lbs - not nearly as nice as my 1911's or the Freedomsmith on my SFX (with lighter plunger spring), but plan to leave it all stock as it will be a nightstand gun. The trigger has a long take-up with two distinct and increasing weights before the wall followed by a relatively clean break. Believe the 1st resistance is the trigger return spring and the second adds resistance from the safety plunger. That second area is a little over 2.5 lbs and takes a little getting used to. Don't mind the 4.5 lb break, but don't really like that middle zone.
- Put a brass +0 basepad on one mag, but really didn't notice any difference. The METE and SFX use the same mags. Mine are the 10 round versions (NY) and two are modified Beretta M9's.
- Had a 507k-x2 (green) on it for the first outing, but the elevation adjustment was frozen, so it is back with Holosun now. I used the supplied plastic plate for mounting. As others posted, had to file off the rear buttons and slightly lower the front buttons. Still allows for co-wittness with the plate. Makes initial dot adjustment easy. The intensity buttons on the Holosun push super easy and were getting changed by placing/removing the aftermarket dust cover, so I cut that section of the cover out and all is good. The dot has a lock function, but I would prefer to be able to change settings easily. The green is nice crisp and clear with my glasses on. Have two Vortex Venoms that are very usable, but don't get super crisp and clear. I have an astigmatism. The dot sits a little lower on the METE, as compared to the SFT, and for me is easier to pick up.
- Because this is a nightstand gun that my wife will also use, I almost got the TP9DA. Maybe next time.
All in all, this thing is great out of the box. The TP9SFX had some barrel issues that warranty support expeditiously took care of. Highly recommend Canik.
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