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I buy the cheapest range ammo I can find which is usually aluminum case or steel case stuff. My TP9SF likes it & it groups well but will spending more get me more accuracy? Just wanting to see how accurate I can shoot offhand at 25 yards. Want to see my best at least once before my eyes go bad. 66 & still shooting like I'm 25, so far. Is there ammo out there that groups better for you than anything else?
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By Janik
I shoot a lot so I buy cheap stuff all the time like Wolf steel cased. But, I buy Remington, Browning, Winchester, PMC or any other ammo when I can afford it. In my opinion, the best range ammo I have and use is Speer Lawman 124gr. I find that it's closest to my carry ammo which is 124gr Speer Gold Dot. I try to buy any 124gr ball ammo when I can for the range. But most of my range ammo is 115gr.
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By keltex78
I use whatever I can find. A couple of years ago, just before things got stupid, I bought a press, and now I load my own range ammo.

Light load of Titegroup, 124gr. Xtreme plated, and it shoots just fine.
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I haven't bought any steel or aluminium ammo in ages cause priced so damn high, and if your shooting for accuracy on paper they generally suck(steel plates they're fine for). So I tend to grab whats on sale my preferences would be 124gr s&b,ppu,fiochi ,magtech and belom seems decent. I will buy 115gr or other brands when they're on sale but those are my preferred brands if I'm measuring groups.

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