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I buy the cheapest range ammo I can find which is usually aluminum case or steel case stuff. My TP9SF likes it & it groups well but will spending more get me more accuracy? Just wanting to see how accurate I can shoot offhand at 25 yards. Want to see my best at least once before my eyes go bad. 66 & still shooting like I'm 25, so far. Is there ammo out there that groups better for you than anything else?
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By Janik
I shoot a lot so I buy cheap stuff all the time like Wolf steel cased. But, I buy Remington, Browning, Winchester, PMC or any other ammo when I can afford it. In my opinion, the best range ammo I have and use is Speer Lawman 124gr. I find that it's closest to my carry ammo which is 124gr Speer Gold Dot. I try to buy any 124gr ball ammo when I can for the range. But most of my range ammo is 115gr.
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By keltex78
I use whatever I can find. A couple of years ago, just before things got stupid, I bought a press, and now I load my own range ammo.

Light load of Titegroup, 124gr. Xtreme plated, and it shoots just fine.
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I haven't bought any steel or aluminium ammo in ages cause priced so damn high, and if your shooting for accuracy on paper they generally suck(steel plates they're fine for). So I tend to grab whats on sale my preferences would be 124gr s&b,ppu,fiochi ,magtech and belom seems decent. I will buy 115gr or other brands when they're on sale but those are my preferred brands if I'm measuring groups.
Just for the hey of it… I wanted to see what new ammo vs. reloads would do for POI on my new Rival S.
In being 100% honest, I went to the range to check zero on my dot, I was cleaning my workbench and FINALLY found a packet of screws from Canik that were the right size length for my 507C….

I’ve shot literally several thousand rounds of reman from Ammunition Planet, their Oak Island 9mm 124gr reloads.
They shoot clean and very well out of all my range/target pistols (X5 Legion, SA Prodigy, S&W Competitor and Rival S).

I shot back to back mags of new Blazer CCI 124 gr at 7 and 10 yards, 5 shot groupings.
In being honest, the patterns were nearly identical. I shoot a lot. When I need ammo, the Oak Island is my go to for range and target.
Blazer was (still is) on sale at Sportsman Warehouse and I got it for a compatible price vs. the reloads, but.. I guess what I’m saying is my go to for target/range ammo is Oak Island reloads for reliability and price.

Getting a chance Sunday to get outdoors and hit some steels… can’t wait to see how they perform stretching the legs a little bit.
I did a range ammo round-up in the ammo section. To me, favorite range ammo means cheap, shoots fairly clean and with zero or almost no malfunctions. I don't do bullseye shooting with my Caniks, so the only accuracy testing I do is when I sight in my optics. Range ammo is accurate enough for that. My current favs is 115 & 124 Norma and Magtech. My buy price is $0.25/round with free shipping. I used to shoot a lot of brass Blazer, but the last batches I've received looked and shot dirty, and I even got a squib load. Fiocchi is good too, but not on sale as often. Reman and steel ammo isn't that much cheaper to make me want to use it.
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By WxGuy
I like Freedom Munitions and LAX ammo for target practices, especially when they have sales and offer free shipping. Brass casings all the way.
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