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the TP9 DA is a wonderful duty sized pistol. where are it's smaller brothers in compact, and subcompact sizes?
with a market that is FLOODED with striker fire action pistols, us DA/SA fans have few and often more expensive options.
I like the option of having a DA initial trigger pull for carry and wish more manufacturers would offer this configuration.

The Elite SC with a DA option would be great!
I agree. The SC is just a smaller/shorter slide. The frame sizes are pretty much the same aside from shorter trips. I'd really like to see Canik branch out to other complete size categories.

Regarding a compact DA, it's an interesting idea. I'd rather have a DA versus a carry gun with the safety that Canik has if you want to run a gun on safe/uncocked. Mostly though, I don't see a real market either in them. My DA is a home defense gun as it is simple for my wife to point and keep pulling on the trigger. For someone that is more proficient with firearms, a double action just isn't needed with guns today in my opinion.
I have several DA's and V2's, two of my favorite Caniks. The V2 is my nightstand gun, since I prefer a heavier trigger pull if I'm dead asleep. I carry a DA in the winter time when I can conceal a larger gun. I've asked in the past and we won't see a compact DA/SA from Canik. However, my main carry gun is a Walther P99c, which is a DA/SA striker fired. In fact, it's what the original Canik is modeled after. They are still in production but are getting harder to find. I had 3 of the compacts but sold two of them to pay some bills now that I'm on disability. Barrel length is 3.5" and has the paddle mag release, which is what I favor over the button. Anyway, here's a link to the P99c. Great gun, I can't recommend it enough. ... ct-pistol/
I forgot to mention, as I'm getting older, I'm gravitating towards red dots. I added a dovetail mounted red dot to one of my DA's and one of my Elites. It works quite well. Somewhere on the forum I have a detailed write up about my set up. I use a Glock 43 dovetail mount so I have a smaller footprint. Just an option for anyone looking to add a red dot to their DA or Elite.
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