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A friend has a 357 Mag S&W Model 66, wood grip. I haven't seen it yet, but pics show it to be clean and even the original box is in perfect condition. I believe this is likely from the 1990's or before (I will do some more research when I see the revolver and serial number). It is not the post 2018 model after S&W brought it back, and doesn't appear to be any special model, but the standard 66. I've got a fair price in my head, but am looking to see what others believe is reasonable...and online, I've seen some variation from $700 - $1200.
I am a Smith and Wesson revolver enthusiast, the 66 is a very desirable gun. That would be prior to the internal lock, making it worth more. If in pristine condition it's a lucky find.
If you have to give $1200 to get it you will probably never lose money, start out offering $800 and see how negotiations go.
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