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Ruger .44 Mag Super Redhawk, 7" barrel a few weeks ago. Haven't shot it yet...need to wait for deer hunting season to be done so I can shoot at my pal's outdoor range. I don't plan on shooting much when ammo is over $1 per round...but there is something satisfying knowing it is in my gun safe. b-)
LT USN (Ret.) wrote: Tue Nov 01, 2022 4:52 pm
colonel00 wrote: Mon Oct 31, 2022 5:09 pm Taurus TX-22 Competition SCR (Steel Challenge Ready)
How do you like it and what optic are you running? Been itching for one of these.
Sadly just got it fairly recently and only had it out once very briefly so far but it's a hoot. I really liked my regular TX-22 and when they came out with the Competition I wanted one but waited a while. The the SCR version came out that has some minor add-ons and a comp (still laughable with .22 but hey) and I finally picked it up.

I have a Holosun 407CO on it. Interesting reticle but haven't really shot it enough to say if I like it or not.
S&W Performance Center M&P Shield Plus. Decided I needed to upgrade my carry gun and went out to range test the Shield Plus against the Hellcat Pro and Sig 365XL.

The bad: to get an optics cut on the 4" Performance Center Shield Plus, you have to buy it bundled with a Crimson Trace optic...which is crap and will be replaced by a Holosun SCS as soon as they are available.

The good: the flat-faced OEM trigger is superb and will not require an aftermarket upgrade. Pistol shoots nice and is highly concealable, even with the 13 round extended mag.
PC Shield Plus 1.jpg
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Coincidentally, the same 229 you posted above - exactly the same! Prior to that, an Elite SC with cool desert cammo finish. Prior to that, Springfield Ronin (9mm), and Sig P320 X-compact.

Neil 8-)
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