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Hi Zardos,
"What do you think of the 229 so far?"

Love the fit in my hand. Only have had the chance to put 50rds through it, but, my overall accuracy from various "ready" positions at 5/7/10 yards was great - in SA. I need more rounds to get comfortable with the DA pull. Felt a bit off with my finger position shooting live fire; something I didn't feel while dry firing.
As a lefty shooter, the gun is not a defense gun (no slide lock on the right of frame), but more of a nice gun for fun shooting and guest shooters.
Good platform to teach new shooters the concepts behind DA/SA; de-cocker, or new to Dots, how to train on and use a Red Dot properly.
Having the larger 226 Blackwater Edition (never been fired), I thought it would be a nice compliment to have the 229. The 226 is so damn big and thick, where the 229 is that "just right" feel for my hand.

Neil 8-)
The sale on ClassicFirearms last week was too good to pass up.

2022-11-19 14.23.00-sm.jpg
2022-11-19 14.23.00-sm.jpg (749.36 KiB) Viewed 34 times

Tisas Bantam. 1 x 45 and 1 x 9mm.

I've put 100 rounds each through them, so far. Only 2 issues:

Both of them shoot about 3 - 4" high at 15 yards. I've got a new Dawson front sight on the way. If it fixes one, then I'll order another sight for the other.

The 9mm takes the factory mags just fine, but I have 5 x Chip McCormick mags and all of them require pressing the mag release just a little bit before they'll go in. A reckon a little quality time with a file with fix that (the mag release).

Otherwise, they are both very tight and seem to be well made. I guess, to be fair, other nits I could pick are:

Both the ambi safeties have just a little bit of a gap (VERY thin) between the thumb safety on the right side of the gun and the frame. I suspect I can disassemble and fix that with a file, too, but not really too worried about it.

The triggers are nice - short take-up, short over-travel, very clean break, and positive reset - but they are heavier than I want. One measures 5# 3oz and the other is 4# 13oz. Definitely not BAD, but I will be looking to get them tuned up to more like 3# even.

After I shoot a few hundred rounds more through each, to make sure they are fully broken in.

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