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Discussion for Competition Shooting.
I mostly shoot IDPA as there are more matches close to me and I am the match Director for an indoor match also.
I still get in a USPSA every other month or so and I put a magwell and some magazine extensions on my SFX which made it not legal for IDPA.
I went through about eight months with a Glock 45 with an Optic but even though it was a good gun, Glocks have never pointed well for me.
About six months ago I bought a Sig P320X carry and started shooting it and liked it a lot.

Tuesday while practicing for the Georgia State IDPA Championship on Saturday I blew the Sig up. I suspect Out of Battery Discharge or a blown case but the gun was locked up.
I don't have another suitable optic gun for the match so I took the magwell and the base plates off and made it to the range for a quick 50 rounds before the match.
Grip is different and I had a little trouble getting my support hand grip where I wanted it but it was all the time I had.
Match went well, I was a little slow getting the dot lined us as I had not shot the Canik in 4 or 5 months. I did pretty well considering I am old abd slow and fighting a disk problem in my back that limits my attempt at running.
I was only 17 points down for the whole match so I was very accurate and got no penalties or misses.
The match continues today for the rest of the 250 shooters and I will not be in the running for anything except maybe Super Senior division but it reminded me what a sweet,underated firearm the SFX is and maybe the newer models are even better.
Great story and congrats on the success you had under the circumstances. The SFX is a great machine, and the SFL is also an underrated and overlooked pistol...but certainly the SFX is better for competition. I just like to mention the SFL because I have both X and L, and it seems the SFL is forgotten.
"it seems the SFL is forgotten."

True, I had forgotten about it until your post...

Still pretty sure that when the tungsten Mete's finally come out (if they ever do), I don't think that I'd get an SFx. My standard SF shoots as well as my SFx, so I will probably just get the Mete SF.

Anybody else see any difference in accuracy?

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