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General Discussion Section for All Other Makes and Models of Handguns and Rifles, including Aftermarket Accessories. Please keep Canik Firearm discussions in the Canik section.
By ncjw
New Glock 19 Gen 3 clone from a reputable manufacturer at a reasonable price. ... -a000.html

Video review (how much can you say about a Glock 19 clone? He tries for 14 minutes...):

Fully Gen3 compatible for tinkering and upgrades.

$429 list, street TBD
Buds G19 gen 3 street $499
Buds G19 gen 5 street $549

Kiger is a silly name.
Yeah at the current street price could buy the frame and build one but have optic cut slide, threaded barrel and maybe even squeeze in cheap sights. $410 and only one mag too, cmon they're probably $10 magpul's cant include 2 or 3? Hope it atleast has a fantastic trigger but I bet its a generic gen 3 trigger you'd get in a cheap frame kit.
By ncjw
$429 list, street TBD
Buds G19 gen 3 street $499
Buds G19 gen 5 street $549

Buds G17 gen 5 street $539

I haven't updated my pricing references in a while, so here is Bud's on Canik for comparison:

Elite $389
SF $385
SA $349
SC $399
SFx $499

So still $100-150 cheaper for a better gun than the Glocks.

Pretty sure I paid $399 for my Elite years ago.
Zardos wrote: Sun Oct 30, 2022 11:28 am Looks interesting but after falling for the Rock Island STK100 tripe I will just stick with Glock, so far the ones I have owned have been 100% reliable.
Yeah when it comes to glock clones your getting what you pay for with most of these cheap ones. Stuff like Shadow Systems is pretty nice but for $900 you can get a frame and build yourself an even better pistol.
By ncjw

Dagger complete upper $189 ... -gray.html
P80 Frame $109 ... nly-black/
Glock LPK $49 ... parts-kit/
Extra anti-ATF pin that P80 doesn't include anymore $3 Can get anywhere or just laying around

$350 and no 4473. You have to find one of the old jigs, but that shouldn't be too hard.

The slides and UPK's have really come down since the ATF violated the law, again.

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