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Circumstances came about this past weekend and I am now a proud owner of a Ruger Super Redhawk, .44 magnum, 7.5" barrel. I was all happy, and sent the pics and info to my pal who owns the private range where I shoot. He came back with, "I have the same gun, but with the 9" barrel". I felt inadequate and emasculated.

Anyone have opinions, good or bad on this hand-cannon? I haven't run it yet...but looking forward to it.
I think the ruger is pretty cool, shooting my buddies is what prompted me to get a .44 along with camping trip to grizzley country. Wasn't prepared to spend that much money though so I got a poverty S&W(Taurus Tracker) 4" stainless. My buddy has the 9 its cool range toy but would hate to have to draw it quick with the huge barrel. I dont think his is tuned, the triggers pretty nice and shoots very accurate. I'd buy one if I came across a nice deal on a used one.
I got my first Ruger .44 Super Blackhawk about 1973. It's a 3-screw and I still have it! It's been a great companion although I don't take it out that often anymore. It's pretty cheap to feed if you reload (and cast your own bullets), and I stay away from full-bore loads these days, light loads are a LOT more comfortable for me to use for plinking, out to 100 yards or so. Enjoy your hand cannon!

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