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First post from a soon to be Canik owner 8-)

I have a Mete SFT and Rival Dark Side on the way, and have been trying to figure out which magazines to get but man is it hard to find a consistent answer. Canik's website is useless as it lists different magazines for the Mete SFT and Mete SFX (last I checked the only difference was the slide and barrel lengths), doesn't list the Rival, plus the guns listed on the package as compatible with MA2240 do not correspond with those listed in the product description. I understand that the Mete and Rival frames are the same, so magazines should be universal across both product lines.

I've also read that there are a few magazines that will work on the Mete and Rival, UNLESS you have the mag well installed which will interfere with certain baseplates due to the lack of a bevel. I'm not interested in those. The only magazines I'm interested in are those which are designed to work with the Mete and Rival, mag well or no mag well. I do know that none of the Elite SC magazines are compatible due to being much shorter, but that's about all I know.

I was hoping someone could fill me in on which of the Canik magazines listed below are 100% compatible with the Mete and Rival, and maybe explain to a Canik noob like me what the differences are between them. Some look identical, which is very confusing.

- MA548
- MA549
- MA594
- MA2240

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Also, just FYI, the mags that fit your Mete and Rival have 18 round tubes.

The MA548 has a +0 base pad, so it holds 18 rounds.

The MA550 is the same mag body, but has a +2 base pad, so it holds 20 rounds.

If you're going to change to aftermarket base pads, e.g. Taylor Freelance +4 pads, it doesn't really matter whether you start with a factory 18 or 20. Either way, it will hold 22 with the +4 base pad.

Disclaimer: The springs inside the factory 18 and 20 mags may be different and I think I read where the 20 round spring allows the mag to hold 1 less round with +4 base pads than what the 18 round spring allows. Or possibly vice versa.

I have 7 factory mags, all with TF +4 brass base pads. I use them for shooting USPSA, IDPA, and SCSA. I don't load them over 20 rounds (or 21, occasionally, if it's a USPSA stage where that extra round saves me a mag change), so the difference in springs has not mattered to me. I don't load mine FULL because mags loaded to MAX capacity are notorious for causing jams. Something which I have experienced myself.
Thanks for the replies.

StuartV, I wish I could use those + baseplates, but unfortunately I'm in Canada and we're limited to 10 round magazines much like some of the more restrictive states in the USA. We can still get pinned/riveted/crimped full capacity magazines mind you.

2strokeYardSale, ok so MA594 is off the list. Interesting that the MA2240s aren't contracted out to MecGar. I wonder why it's just that one model. What's the general consensus on them? I know that MecGar makes great mags, so is the MA2240 regarded as equal in quality to the MA548? Is the MA548 being phased out with the MA2240 replacing it?
I have a Rival. I have purchased 3X MA550, and 3X MA2241. The MA550 have the Mec-Gar stamp while the MA2241 do not. The packaging for the MA550 stated that they were made in Italy. I believe the MA2241 (purchased from Midwest) came in ziploc bags (rather than "official" packaging), there is no indication where they were manufactured. The three MA550 perform well. Two of the MA2241 perform well, while the third does not drop when pressing the mag release - it has to be manually removed. :-L
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