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Discussion Section for Ammunition, Reloading and Handloading.
By MichaelMaduske
Doing some load development.
135gr Blue Bullets, N320 at 3.2 and started with an OAL of 1.126.
PF avg’d around 130.
However, these are too long to reliably pass the plunk test.
I shortened them up to 1.090 and now they plunk beautifully.
I haven’t chrono’d them yet but does anyone foresee a case pressure problem?
By ncjw
Slightly off topic, I have seen primers becoming available, but at ten cents each. So bullet (.10) plus primer (.10) plus powder (.015?) is .215 per round vs .29 for loaded ammo.

Given that you get exactly what you want when you reload, you do save $75/case or so, is it getting close to not worth it? Or is it just a matter of doing a hobby?

Just asking as I am getting near retirement and starting to save 9mm brass in anticipation of needing things to do to fill time.
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By LT USN (Ret.)
I'm reloading for about $0.18/round (scavenged brass from the range and/or matches at no cost).

$0.014 per round for powder ($27.95 per pound, 3.5 gr per round, ~2000 rds per pound)
$0.067 per 145 gr bullet ($202 for 3000 including shipping)
$0.10 per primer

Hours and hours of time locked in a room by myself, priceless.

I shoot twice a week, one match and one goof-off sessions with some friends. I find in my retirement I have plenty of time to reload and I find it highly enjoyable, relaxing, soothes my OCD and it supports my hobby. I can also make competition level (~130 PF) rounds.

In less them two years I have already gone past the "break-even" level of cost to start vs. cost saved per round. I did start low end with a Lee 4000 press and it works just fine. So yeah, it's worth it to me.
By StuartV
I got a Dillon 550 last year that I haven't even used. I figure I lose about half my brass. Either, at matches, where it's not conducive to picking up, or shooting at ranges with "dirty" ground where I either lose some or just don't bother trying to pick it up because there's so much trash brass there.

So, I figure brass at 10 cents each and if I figure I recover half mine, then cost to reload still works out to an additional 5 cents a round.

At 23 cents (using your numbers - when I have run numbers, mine came out a little higher) a round to reload versus today's price of 24 cents to buy, it's just not worth my time to try reloading 9mm.

And that doesn't even factor the value of buying manufactured ammo, which nets me 5 cents a round savings in re-using that brass.

In other words, in reality, it is cheaper right now to buy ammo than to load it. For 9mm.
By ncjw
Two good points:

"Hours and hours of time locked in a room by myself, priceless." - Yeah, this is what I am figuring the value will be, not economic. I have reloaded .45acp, .223 and .308 and it is relaxing and good to make something with your hands.

"which nets me 5 cents a round savings in re-using that brass." - Good point. I get most of the brass back at the indoor range but almost none at our outdoor range (gravel, and I haven't taken the time to lay down tarps to collect brass, already hauling a ton of stuff with paper target frames, steel and Throom.) So I would get maybe a .05 saving son factory ammo by reusing the brass.

Sounds like a combination of both looks like the future.
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By LT USN (Ret.)
LT USN (Ret.) wrote: Tue Sep 06, 2022 6:15 am I'm reloading for about $0.18/round (scavenged brass from the range and/or matches at no cost).
On a side note, I'm also loading 38 Special with 158 gr SWC for <$0.20/round. Same press just different dies.
By peeplwtchr
I initially thought the length was the culprit, so I went from 1.135 to 1.10, same result. I found that because these chambers are so tight, a .002 crimp was causing it. I increased it to .003, problem solved at both lengths.
By peeplwtchr
Case gauges aren't reliable with Rival barrels. Gauges are made to max. Saami specs., Rivals are closer to minimum. Use the barrel.

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