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By Joe Fudd
Bought a Mete SFX this summer. Put a holosun 507 on it and have had it out to the range a couple times now and put about 75 rounds through it. With my first magazine load, I had 2 spent cases stovepipe on ejection and jam. Have run 60-70 rounds since and haven't had any issues. Maybe just a break in issue. I didn't have any 124 grain ammo loaded (what I usually shoot in my Elite Combat TP9) so I was shooting 115 grain ammo. Seems to me I recall seeing something some time ago about how Caniks (or maybe just the elite combat), don't like 115 grain and lighter ammo. Anyhow, I've got enough bullets and primers I'll be loading some 124 grains stuff for future use with it.

It shoots pretty accurately. I had the SFX Mete and the Elite Combat both at the range today. Felt like I was shooting slightly more accurately with the Mete. I like the elite combat's trigger better. Maybe the Mete will just take some getting used to. It does have a lot of slack to take up.

Don't have a holster for it yet. Looking on-line this evening at holster manufacturers, I'm not seeing any that are making holsters for Canik's Mete line. While shooting it this morning I just holstered it in my Elite Combat Crossbreed holster. Seemed to fit just fine. Will the Metes holster perfectly well in a TP9 holster?
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By Janik
Joe Fudd wrote: Fri Sep 02, 2022 9:36 pm I should add that the ammo that jammed were not reloads but was PMC Bronze, 115 grain FMJ ammo.
I like PMC ammo, but for me the 9mm has been weak. The 5.56 XTAC I've had really good luck with. Originally, the Elite had ejection issues with 115gr because the RSA was really stiff. From my understanding, in Turkey and other areas they shoot hotter ammo, so the RSA was designed for harsher use. Canik/Century Arms quickly corrected the issue and shipped out lighter RSA's to anyone who had issues. I also remember there was a lighter RSA for the SFx as well. Since then, I'm not familiar of any issues with 115gr ammo.
Have the Mete SFX and SFT. Bought right after they came out. They fit perfectly in my TP9SFX Comptac International Holster. And I've NEVER had any issues with ANY factory ammo in any of my Caniks. Never once.
PMC ammo has been consistently great for me, and I haven't chronographed it but I certainly wouldn't call it anemic.
By StuartV
I generally buy the cheapest brass-cased ammo I can find on AmmoSeek. I have shot a LOT of 115gr through my TP9 SFx and through my Rival. No problems with any of it in either pistol.
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By Frankl03
I load 124 gr 9mm that's fairly hot for my pistols. I put 8-10,000 rounds of this through my original SFX without a single hiccup. Now running it through my Rival SFX again with out a single hiccup.

I load 124 Gr RN over 4.2 gr tight group.

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