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By wbw
Does anyone here carry a TP9 Elite SC? That is the sub compact model, if you can call it that. It's a little on the porky side for a sub compact. I currently carry a Shield Plus which I like a lot for it's intended purpose. But I have a Rival which is absolutely the best shooting gun that I own. I'm more accurate with the Rival than my SIG P320 X-Carry Legion, which cost about $300 more than the Rival. I love that Rival and am wondering if the Elite SC might be better in my hands than the Shield.

Of course I realize that some of you folks carry 1911s and whatnot that are all larger than the Elite SC. But for my size I cannot carry something that big. I'm about 5'9" (used to be a little taller but I'm 71 years old and starting to be height challenged, so to speak) and about 175 lbs.. The Shield plus fits me well but I'm wondering if anyone can speak to carrying the small Canik. Did I mention that I love it's big brother, the Rival?

6', and outweigh you by a bit.

I find the SC to carry well, OWB, with an untucked shirt covering. Yes, it's a bit chunky, but the improved handling is worth it if needed.
I have a serious itch for a double stack 9mm for an EDC gun. I really like my TP9 SFx and I LOVE my Rival.

So, I went down to my LGS yesterday to fondle a TP9 Elite SC yesterday. I handled 3 of them (black, tan, and tungsten), to get a feel for the trigger(s) and how consistent they are. The triggers on all of them were nice. One had a noticeable amount of creep that the other 2 didn't, but it still wasn't terrible. Infinitely better than a stock Glock or Hellcat trigger, for example. But, still not as good as a stock Rival trigger. But, it was good enough (for ME) for an EDC gun.

However, it was just too chunky, for me.

My current EDC is a Dan Wesson Guardian in 38 Super. That means it is a bobtail Commander 1911. 10+1 rounds of 38 Super (which is 9mm size bullets, but moving about 100 fps faster).

I don't think the SC is any more concealable than the gun I'm carrying now. And, of course, while the SC trigger is good, it's nowhere near as good as my 1911 trigger.

If I only had $350 to spend, the SC would totally win. I don't know of anything else in that price range that has the combo of trigger quality, size, and capacity. But, when your budget is big enough, then the SC is no longer, well, it's no longer what I would choose. I'll stick with my current EDC over the SC.

The only pistol I know of right now that I would replace my current EDC with is a Wilson Combat X9-series. I am seriously looking at a 3.25" SFX9 subcompact. That would be $2300, though, which is why I don't already have one. But, it has a 1911 trigger and 10+1 rounds of 9mm in a smaller, slimmer package than the SC, with options for 15 and 18 round factory mags. I expect it is slightly more accurate, too, as well as just .

As usual in life, there is "what is best", and then there is "what is best on $X budget?" At $350, the SC seems like a no-brainer. At $1500, I'll take my Guardian every day. Where the budget line is between $350 and $1500 is, I am not sure.

One thing I think is kinda funny: People who will spend $2K+ on a pistol for range or competition use, but won't spend that much on an EDC gun. I mean, which one are you going to stake your life on? How much is your life worth? If I'm going to spend $$$$$ on a pistol, the first one in line for the big budget is going to be my EDC.
The EDC discussion is broad and deep, with no absolute conclusions other than "carry what you are comfortable with and will carry". I also add that it is seasonal as well. Clothing has an influence on carry. My Ruger LC9 and my S&W 442 are great for summer months...for me. Winter allows larger pistols, and I carry a S&W M&P C. I like the Elite, but I don't have an SC.

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