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By wbw
Does anyone here carry a TP9 Elite SC? That is the sub compact model, if you can call it that. It's a little on the porky side for a sub compact. I currently carry a Shield Plus which I like a lot for it's intended purpose. But I have a Rival which is absolutely the best shooting gun that I own. I'm more accurate with the Rival than my SIG P320 X-Carry Legion, which cost about $300 more than the Rival. I love that Rival and am wondering if the Elite SC might be better in my hands than the Shield.

Of course I realize that some of you folks carry 1911s and whatnot that are all larger than the Elite SC. But for my size I cannot carry something that big. I'm about 5'9" (used to be a little taller but I'm 71 years old and starting to be height challenged, so to speak) and about 175 lbs.. The Shield plus fits me well but I'm wondering if anyone can speak to carrying the small Canik. Did I mention that I love it's big brother, the Rival?

6', and outweigh you by a bit.

I find the SC to carry well, OWB, with an untucked shirt covering. Yes, it's a bit chunky, but the improved handling is worth it if needed.

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