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my state has reduced us to 10 round mags.

I have my name on the Canik website for when the 10 round mags come in, and I am not holding my breath.

I have found, thru my range, that Sig 226 mags will fit my METE SFx. (will Sig mags fit all Caniks???., I do not know)

they just arrived, and even with the magwell, they insert fully, keep the slide open, and eject with no issues.

my hope is to get to the range this coming monday, (Aug 8th) and try them out.

at which time, I will come back and report it.

the Sig mags are pricey, nearly $50 each, but I cannot keep holding my breath for Canik, as in the past, when I needed parts.

which is why I dumped my TP9SF...
Same problem here in NY. Couldn't find the right mags so I'm bought 2 10 round Mecgar Baretta M9 mags for my TP9SFX. If you've got 30 min, a drill some files and a little patience, cutting a new notch for the mag release is not too hard. The run around $25 and work 100%.
Way back when Biden was elected I anticipated this issue and fabricated 5oz weights that fill 20-round mags and limit them to 10 rounds. This ballast smooths recoil and solves the 10 round problem. I can remove the weights if I want, but that 5 oz of ballast really balances the gun, so I leave the weight in for shooting performance. (I don't compete or EDC/CC, so I don't need 20 rounds for target shooting and home defense.)
ok update..

sorta a good/bad thing

went to the range, took my Canik METE SFx, and those Sig 226 mags.

loaded up one mag, inserted it, heard the "click'

fired 1 rd, and mag pops out a bit.

tried another, same thing.

i removed the magwell, thinking this did not allow full insertion of the magazine.


compared the base plates on the Canik mags, and the Sig, Sig seemed to be a bit higher, where it should rest in the grip.

got home, did some more thinking, then took notice of the mag lock cut outs in both the Canik and Sig mags.

well, Sig was smaller.

so i figure i gotta try something.

took out my dremel tool, and made the Sig a tad bit wider.

inserted it, the mag locked, and even with a screwdriver, i could not get it to pop out.

i cannot get back to the range for another 2 to 3 days to test this out.

but i think it'll work, if not, then i only lose 1 magazine.

untouched Sig mag on far left..."reworked" Sig mag in the middle, and the Canik mag on far right..


i should also point out that the snap cap was put in, to hold the mag spring down from the hole.
colonel00 wrote: Sun Aug 07, 2022 10:17 pm Keep an eye on this page.
I think we're getting closer. I've seen sparatic appearances of the 18 rd tp9 mag. My guess is Mec-gar is ramping back up. Makes sense they would start with the most generic Canik mag first and later go back to the 15 rounders, etc.

It's been a long 2 years.
Dustdevil wrote: Mon Aug 08, 2022 11:04 pm
colonel00 wrote: Sun Aug 07, 2022 10:17 pm Keep an eye on this page.
I think we're getting closer. I've seen sparatic appearances of the 18 rd tp9 mag. My guess is Mec-gar is ramping back up. Makes sense they would start with the most generic Canik mag first and later go back to the 15 rounders, etc.

It's been a long 2 years.
Yeah, I think most of what Canik is really selling now with the Mete and the Rival lines, the 18rd mags are the highest demand. FWIW, I believe people make sleeves that would allow 18rd to fit flush and work until you found smaller mags.
Yeah, I've got a couple for my 18 rd Promags. The Promags work well. Would I trust them at the range? Absolutely. Would I trust yhem with my life? Well....

I can deal with the tradeoff of 3 less rounds for the increased portability. Would try to drill the 10 rd ones, but if I screwed it up, then I'm completely out of luck. I might try it if I knew I had a backup plan. Besides, it's just the principle of the thing. Walking around with Ca legal mags is annoying.
At our local Academy, there's a spot forthe MA595 mags, it's just empty. At least there's still a spot.
I've drilled out 10rd mags. It can be a pain due to the shape of the dimple on the mags. The drill bits wanted to jump around and didn't get a good bite. If you have some good bits, work up from small to larger and use cutting oil.
I ordered 5 x 20-round mags from last Thursday. They arrived today. I don't think they had 18-round mags in stock, but they had the 20s. I didn't check any other sizes, as I only have full-sized Caniks.
UPDATE: August 16, 2022


i was able to fully convert a Sig 226 10 round magazine, to work in my Canik METE SFx

after opening up the mag lock hole, in a previous picture posted above, , and filing down the follower tab a tad, all 10 rounds fired, however, the slide would not lock open when the mag was empty.

so, what i did now was to remove a Canik follower, and put that into the Sig magazine...

IT WORKS.....!!!!!!!

shoots all 10 rounds, and the slide locks open..!!

however, i think it is BS that Canik, and MecGar cannot supply us with magazines, as easily as all the other guns..

i have a Girsan MC Regard a clone to the Beretta 92 FS, and I CAN GET GIRSAN mags, from them, which by the way, Girsan guns are made in Turkey.

this is actually a forever ongoing problem with the Canik line, want parts? need parts?

tough, you ain't getting them..

even though i have solved my issue, i feel as though i should have NEVER had to. If i can get (and believe me i have) magazines for ALL my other guns, made in other countries, why does Canik have to be buttwipes and NOT provide them..???

i have my Canik METE SFx up for sale, and i got a buyer, a RSO at my range, that wants it.

i am officially DONE with the Canik brand, this was my second "go around" with this company, and frankly, i don't see any end in sight for Canik to be a more viable company in my future.

if i ever get asked anywhere, if i ever heard of Canik, i will tell that person the truth, great gun, great shooter outta the box, just NEVER need any parts.......cuz you ain't gonna get them.
well i did it...i dumped the METE SFx...i have had it with trying to get magazines (in 10 round capacity) for this gun.

if it were not an issue with my state enacting a low magazine capacity, i could have cared less.

but i have another Turkish gun, a Girsan clone to the Beretta 92 FS, and guess what...??

I was able to get 10 round magazines for that..!!! and i got them delivered to me, in less than 2 weeks, once i ordered them.....

but Canik...???

I guess to us customers, they really couldn't give to craps about us.

so, like in the past, when i got rid of my TP 9 SF, for not obtaining parts, it's gonna be a final good-bye to the Canik brand.

i've had it with a company that cannot have parts on hand, for thier products.

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