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Purchased a METE SFT pro over a PDP yesterday and one of the reasons was the magazine deal. The methodology of procuring the mags is a bit archaic as you have to send in the original receipt for the handgun with the form all by snail mail. Takes 8-10 weeks. They really could have done it all electronically and I'm of the opinion a lot of people just won't go through the process to acquire the free mags. I scanned my receipt before sending it in.
Yes, I would agree that they purposely make the process cumbersome. That being said, I went through the cumbersome process and sent my paperwork in on August 12 and did receive the mags on Sept. 20. So, it was 5 weeks give or take and was worth the effort.
I just picked up a METE SFT and Mecanik 01 witht the full package on September 29th, mailed in the rebate form on the 30th and checked in on the status yesterday . . . it says they have received it and are processing it. Time will tell, but for a hundred dollars worth of mags, it was worth it this buy the gun.

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