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And, nice! That is exactly the combo I was shooting - until I just upgraded my optic on my Rival to the FTP Alpha 3. But, the 407CO is also a great optic for CO in USPSA. The window on the FTP is just a little bigger, so I went for it, but it really does not make THAT much difference, I don't think. I definitely like the 8 MOA donut on the 407CO better than the 10 (claimed) MOA dot on the FTP. The donut on the 407 is clearly bigger than the dot on the FTP.
tbare wrote: ↑Wed Jul 13, 2022 12:42 pm I'm tbare from Tampa. I've recently picked up a Rival Darkside and added a Holosun 407c CO. I am looking to use it in Carry Optics USPSA.

Your only an hour from me. I'm in spring hill, Brooksville area.

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