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Discussion for Competition Shooting.
Ouch, put a Taylor Freelance Mag Well on my TP9SFx. Pistol won't fit in the IDPA box. Pistol is too tall from top of slide to bottom of mag well. Likewise, the Canik magazines that came with the TP9SFx make the pistol too tall. And, the magazine bases had to be filed for clearance to let them fit in the Taylor Freelance Mag Well.

If I use the 18rd magazines that come with a TP9SF and no mag well, pistol fits in the box. As a side note, I am checking fit using the new IDPA box just received from IDPA this past week (new set of three metal boxes is a lot easier to use than the old box with all the pieces).

Canik makes excellent pistols but the aftermarket support still feels a little thin. Has anyone found a mag well and base plate combination that works well together and lets the pistol fit in the IDPA box?
Wanting to run a Swamp Fox Justice, the mounting of which is a "screw" carnival. Try to find out what screw size fits Canik"s RMR adapter plate. Asked Canik tech assistance and the size they told me was flat wrong.
Ordered an inexpensive, plastic Cain mag well off ebay. Fast delivery and mag well fits. It's a lot smaller than the Taylor Freelance but looks like another round of mag base guesses are next.
Canik factory support is near non-existent, and the aftermarket isn't yet up to speed.

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