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New Members, take a moment and introduce yourself. Tell us a little about you and your interest in the Canik brand of firearms.
By dlo73
Hello, I have always been a SIG fan had a p320,p229,p226 legion and a p220 west German. I have had a CZ p10C and a CZ 75sp01. multiple S and W. I have traded and sold most of those over the years. recently went through a 1911 phase. had the girsan mc 1911 ultimate in officer. I currently have the Canik TP9SFX full size. my EDC is a Canik TP9 elite SC blackout. and a Tissas 1911 carry ss in 45acp. I am thinking I may trade that one in for the canik rival. Guessing it might be easier to have just one type of ammo. also guessing the mags on the canik are interchangeable like the Glocks. wondering everyone's take on the trade. Is it worth it?
By StuartV
Don’t know Tissas or Girsan, but I have multiple 1911s, a TP9 SFx, and a Rival.

In your situation, I would trade the TP9 for a Rival and keep my 1911. I have no desire to shoot my TP9 since I got my Rival. I like it that much better.

Yes, Canik mags are interchangeable.
By dlo73
Well I went an traded the 1911 for the Rival. So now I have the TP9SC black out. the TP9 SFX and will be picking up the RIVAL in a week. I figured that having only one round was better than have multiple different rounds.
By StuartV
I prefer to have multiple different rounds. Maximize my chances of being able to use whatever ammo I can find in a pinch. If I only had 9mm guns and could only find 45 ammo, I'd be screwed.

My philosophy is have multiple calibers and have at least 2 of each. :)

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