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I’m wondering if there are any third party manufacturers that are making co witness optics plates for the Rival. The platform is perfectly situated to drop a thinner plate into the slide. I know the Rival has a plate for shield optics, but man imagine a Big windowed SRO With backup irons in that milled out area on the slide for Optimization of the platform.
I don't have a Rival but I believe it has the same plates (or similar) as the SFX. Do the plates have a big channel running down the center? This is to accommodate the ridge under the plate which is where the firing pin moves inside the gun. This is why the plates for the SFX are so thick and you couldn't get a lower plate to co-witness
I think you nailed it. There is a channel in the plate. Still seems quite overly thick. I will have to measure it. What do you think. Maybe mount the optic further down in front of ejection port of the slide? The Rival is sooo nice to shoot. It just needs a big window optic to fit in the shield micro optic plate size. Maybe a MeCanik M-03?? Or new Shield optic
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The SC will but it's not an absolute co-witness.

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