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Canik Firearm Reviews and Range Reports. Share your Canik experiences with other members.
I like Honest Outlaw. No BS reviews. He does a good job of stating the facts. If it sucks, he says so. My kind of man. Now if he could trim his hipster beard and cover his tats... I Degress.

A few others who I trust and respect on UToob, that are also Canik fans are: Scootch0000, The Firearms Guy (A retired high school science teacher), The Daily Shooter (Now Copper Jacket TV). The afore mentioned all have very positive and factual reviews on Canik guns. Those three get to the point and no sugar coating.

Like me: The Daily Shooter and The Firearms Guy pay for the guns they review. When they are loaned or given one to try, they tell you that up front. I have been a gun writer for too long to deny that giving people free stuff squers and effects the opinions and deminishes the validity of any report. As do print adds in the magazine where they 'objectivly' report on your products.

The diffrence for me, an important diffrence, is that I use my beautiful wife's money to buy the stuff I review :) No, not kidding.

Ask me about 'love, love on the range'. I got to know my wife when she was one of my Advanced Firearms students.

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