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I bought an elite Combat a while back and decided to install the 507K sight on it. The pistol came with the number one RMR plate, however the two mounting lugs on the front of the plate are too wide for the site. I bought the number to site from Coventry industries, But that one does not work either. Can anyone tell me where to find a plate that matches up that sight with that gun?
The Elite Combat was designed to work with "full sized" red dots like the RMR, Vortex Venom, and Holosun 507C. The 507k is a micro red dot and a bit smaller footprint. I don't think any of the plates available from Canik work for the 507k on the EC or SFX.
It appears so. I do believe that the plate mounting screws, correspond with the mounting screw holes in the sight. I may file down the mounting lugs and see if it will work that way. BTW, I have yet to find a plate for the 507k. None at all. Not sure how they are ‘normally’ supposed to mount either. ~X(
Update. I spoke with a local LEO/gunsmith about the 507k mounting issues. He mentioned that that sight is ‘so new’ that there may not be any plates made for it yet. Also, I read another post that the footprint is the same as the Leopold Deltapoint Pro-minus the rear lugs on the plate. Oh well, something to check into.
The 507k has the Shield RSMc footprint which is fairly standard for micro red dots. Others include the Sig Romeo Zero, Ade Spike, J Point has one and there are several others. However Holosun for whatever reason did change the mounting lug holes a little so the are gone or shallower.

The Leupold DPP is a regular sized red dot with a bigger footprint than the 507k as far as I know.

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