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Discussion for Competition Shooting.
By StuartV
I shot my first ever 2-gun match today. I shot my Rival with Holosun 407CO, and a 10.5" AR-15 223 "pistol" with a Vortex Spitfire 1X optic.

I did some testing and practice with my Rival at the range yesterday and ended up changing from a 12# recoil spring to a 13. The 12 worked reliably. But, for whatever reason, the 13 seemed to work a little better for me for a quick second shot.

So, today was that, shooting 147gr ball ammo.

There were 5 stages and one was pistol-only, with 3 trees of the Texas Star type. One was an actual Texas star. The other 2 were the kind with a main bar in the center that rotated, and 2 spinner things, one on each end of that central bar. 23 round count, if you cleaned it. I was tickled pink to score 18th overall, out of 41 on that stage.

Unfortunately, rifle was required on the other 4 stages. On those 4 stages, I had:

Stage 1: Rifle jammed. Double feed took a while to clear.
Stage 2: Rifle broke firing pin after 2 rounds. They gave me a reshoot using a borrowed rifle. Scored 21st overall using the borrowed rifle.
Stage 3 (after borrowing a firing pin): Rifle jammed. Double feed took a while to clear.
Stage 4: Rifle jammed. Double feed took a while to clear.

So, my overall results sucked. But, I didn't go there to win. I went to learn. And have fun. And on those two counts, I was highly successful.

Also, I have a feeling I know what is wrong with the rifle that was causing it to jam. It has never jammed before, including yesterday. But, I just built it about 2 months ago, so I haven't shot it much. I think I will be able to reproduce the problem and fix it easily enough, if it's what I think it is. So, hopefully, at the next match I can turn in a more respectable score.

Regardless, it was really fun. All the other shooters were super nice and quick to help. And, my Rival ran flawlessly and continues to shoot amazingly well! I think it's time to go ahead and install the FS trigger.
By StuartV
LT USN (Ret.) wrote: Mon May 09, 2022 4:44 pm Where's the videos? :d
LOL! I wish I had some. Well, sorta. I really don't need to relive my AR15 fiasco...

I need to find a buddy to shoot these matches with me, so we can squad together and take turns videoing each other. So far, I have been going to the matches alone and slowly starting to make some friends.

Or I guess I could dig out my old GoPro 3 and see if it still works, then look for a hat mount....

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