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I'm sorry if this comes off as me venting and rambling on, which it pretty much is but anyways.

I bought a taurus tx22 a few weeks ago, it was a new one just shipped from taurus to the gun store that day. I knew about barrel issues on the early models "2019ish", but there haven't been any recent reports that I had seen. Taurus was taking care of the problem well in the begining sending out a new barrel no questions asked so I went ahead and bought one. Here my recent model has the rifling visibly off center so I emailed taurus and asked if we can swap the barrels. They told me that I had to send my gun to them for 4 weeks or go f myself.

I ended up buying a barrel myself and solved my issue so I emailed again with pictures of the off center rifling asking if I can just send them the barrel since I know for a fact that this is the issue and they told me no I had to send the whole gun out for 4 weeks (which would cost me more than the $50 the barrel is in ammo since I would probably shoot 300 rounds through my canik every week instead of 300 rounds through the taurus $90 vs $21 every week). So since they wouldn't take care of their issue with reasonable measures I want to try my best to make sure as many people as possible look elsewhere for their new guns.
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I forgot to add the reason I was complaining about this issue. I was having a hard time grouping within 6 inches at 7 yds and it keyholing at that distance too. With the new barrel I can hit the 12" steels out at 50 yds reliably and the holes I put in paper are circular.

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