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By ncjw
I finally put this together and took it to the range. It works as advertised (with some caveats).

Virgin Throom:
Throom 1.jpg
Throom 1.jpg (111.15 KiB) Viewed 627 times

Throom 2.jpg
Throom 2.jpg (371.84 KiB) Viewed 626 times

After shooting, front view:
Throom 3.jpg
Throom 3.jpg (224.65 KiB) Viewed 628 times

After shooting, rear view:
Throom 4.jpg
Throom 4.jpg (176.56 KiB) Viewed 628 times
Throom 1.jpg
Throom 1.jpg (111.15 KiB) Viewed 627 times
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By ncjw
Hopefully the pictures came through as I am seeing them, I still don't have this picture thing down yet.

In any case, Throom is pretty cool. It is made from a self healing plastic, is pretty flexible, lightweight (although carrying the lumber was a bit much, still nowhere near what steel would be) and after the first time using it looks almost new.

As you can see, there are tiny, black outlined marks where the bullets go in and, although not as clear due to the sun, barely a mark on the exit side. It definitely works as advertised.

Caveats: It was a windy day and they occasionally blew over by themselves on the default setting. There is a plastic bolt that adjusts the starting angle, which I did so that they didn't blow over anymore. However, doing that makes it more difficult to get them to fall when hit (at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it...). Seriously though, you can see them move so you know that you hit them. They also don't always fall when grazed, but steel doesn't always fall with a grazing hit either.

Also, there is no way to hitch a rope to it to reset them all from the shooting position, so they all have to be reset individually. Not a major issue.

My fault on the set up, the steel was too close to the rack and I got a lot of spall on the sides of the lumber.

I tried a 2xsteel then 1xplate, repeat 5 times and finish with two on the steel. This is 20 rounds from a standard Canik mag. Was 1 for 5 for a clean run, definitely had to slow down to accomplish it (from 10 yards). Tons of fun and frustration.

Setting up and breaking down is a bit of a pain, but not difficult. The lumber comes apart from the green supports pretty easily.

If you need something like it, definitely recommended.
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By colonel00
Pretty cool. I bet you could rig up some way to have a pole that resets them with a little ingenuity. Mostly I'm just wondering how long they'll last. Keep us updated.
By oldfrank
I have one mounted on a 2x4 post that I use at our indoor IDPA match as they won't let us use steel.

I can't tell you how many times it has been shot but it has been a lot and it still works just fine.
By ncjw
Shoot with virtually any rifle or handgun ammunition
THROOM Targets can be shot with any caliber rifle or handgun. It is bullet velocity that is the key:

Over 1,250 fps: shoot THROOM Targets at 75 yards or farther away; shooting closer will result in targets not reacting.
Between 750 fps and 1,250 fps: shoot THROOM Targets from 5 yards to 75 yards away.
Under 750 fps: do not use THROOM Targets with bullets traveling below 750 fps. Also, do not use THROOM Targets with pellet guns or BB guns as the pellets or BBs may bounce back.

By FiveDigit
I have a popper from them. It’s not a full scale mini popper, maybe 2/3 size. It holds up well. Only thing I don’t like it the color. It needs to be white. I painted mine with a plastic primer and then white paint, works well. The only issue I can see with the popper is it has a wood spine in the back and of course that is being broken down as it gets hit but so far the popper still stands upright.

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