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On the fence between the TP9SFX and Rival (if you can find one). I'm trying to keep the price around the $700 range.
Currently shoot indoor ranges. Ultimately would like a comp.
I'm not thrilled with the grip on either, so will be adding Talon grip (or similar) and a brass backstrap.
This is my first serious pistol (currently have a walther ppq 22lr). I love the looks of the Rival, but I'm not sure if the feature set is overkill for a newbie.
I'd appreciate feedback from anyone who owns both.
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No such thing as overkill. Well, An RPG for deer hunting is but you get my point.

If you buy an SFx you will most likely be adding upgrades (see topic1888.html).

If you buy a Rival, I do not own one (yet), a lot of the upgrades are already in it. Less to change out. But you will anyway... \M/
My METE SFx was $453.40 shipped. Add to your cart for the best price ... .2-blk-fde . I have a SFx. The rear sight comes off when mounting an optic. Not on the METE if that has any significance to you. Lockedand Loaded doesn't charge me sales tax which saves me almost 10%.

Here is the SFx with the red dot ... uct_detail $699. (email for their best price!) ... ext=TP9SFx
Rivals are now down to $629 at a number of places online (well as of several weeks ago when I got mine)., but you might have to add it to your cart to see their best price. Their shipping was superfast. Ordered it on a Tuesday night got it on friday. Rival is definitely an improvement over the Mete version, (I have both), Mete version is now becoming a safe queen, wouldn't have bought it if id known Rival was coming out.... although Rival was around $185 more
I have a TP9 SFx and just bought a Rival.

I used and got the Rival for $619.99, delivered into my sweaty little palms.

I would pay the extra for the Rival over the TP9 SFx for a couple of reasons.

The ergonomics around the beaver tail are improved. The Mete and Rival are more comfortable to shoot. The TP9 sometimes makes my right hand sore around the base thumb knuckle.

The Rival is much easier to work on the trigger. It comes with the only special tool you need. The TP9 trigger is okay, but not great. Changing it is a pain in the butt because of the pin that holds the takedown button in place. The Rival trigger is much nicer and you might never change it. But, if you do, it is MUCH easier.

Other, very minor things:

Rival comes with more optic plate adapters, giving you more options there.

Rival holster is, I think, a little nicer than what came with my TP9.

Rival comes with a flared mag well.

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