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Discussion for Competition Shooting.
By StuartV
2strokeYardSale wrote: Mon Apr 18, 2022 7:43 pm
It seems like the only real disadvantage to shooting the Rival in Open is not being able to make Major, right? (unless you are loading Super 9 rounds for yourself?)

Well, and I guess maybe you'll probably never get the gun to weigh as much as a built 1911/2011, so that *could* be considered a small disadvantage.
In USPSA or IPSC Open/Unlimited, Major and magazine capacity. (Maybe TF makes a 170mm extension?) I wonder if somebody could make a good barrel/compensator combination, whether the platform would stand up to 9 Major.

I just swtiched my 2011 from a plastic grip to a stainless steel grip. The weight difference is huge but the shooting advantage is small.
With Canik seeming to be so interested in competition, it seems like maybe they’d bring out a Rival in 40.
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By 2strokeYardSale
Well that would be good for Limited but Open is a .355" game. You'd think they could at least CNC a .40 barrel for Nils and cut a larger breechface. I saw some video where he said they would have new stuff machined for him after he would go out for lunch in Turkey.
By Ben W.
FrankW wrote: Mon Apr 18, 2022 5:39 pm Ben W. wrote: "As a Super-Senior shooter (I turn 69 this year) I'm not really that competitive so I shoot mostly for fun."

You are a long way from a Super-Senior shooter. I am 87 and wish I could shoot like a 69-year-old.

Good one there, Frank! I hope I'm still shooting when I get where you are. As I'm sure you know, "Super Senior" is one of the classes in USPSA.... I certainly don't feel my age yet, although I'm starting to..... Ben

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