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By Frankl03
Just ordered the Rival Darkside. I will pick it up from my FFL when I get back to town currently out if town till first week of April.

The Rival will take either a micro or full size dot. What are you all putting on your new Mete's or Rivals?

I have used the Vortex venom on my first SFX so I could go with that but I would like to have shake awake. On a number of my other firearms with rails I have the holosun 403b great sight and reasonably priced.

Votex venom is $169, Holosun 407c is $239, Crimson trace has a new micro Rad for around $180.00.

What are some optic choices you all are going with? I don't want to spend $400 on a trijicon even though they are great sights.
By Hody905
I have a Venom mounted on my Rival. Vortex optics are a favorite of mine especially because of the lifetime warranty provided by Vortex, no questions asked, no matter who owns the optic.
Example: I have a Dan Wesson Valor 45ACP with a Venom mounted with approx 13,000 rounds thru it. Recently it began to shut off intermittently. Called Vortex, they sent a mailing label, sent the optic to Vortex and 10 days later I received a brand new Venom. I am not aware of any other optic company that offers the same type of warranty as Vortex.
Just sayin'
By Ben W.
Not a Rival, but I have Swampfox Justice on my TP9SFx's and like them so far. I like the "shake-awake" feature, and the price is very good also. Jut my two cents worth...
IMO best sub $300 optic is the Holosun, also gives you plenty of reticle choices. I own a couple different holo's, rmr's and a vortex, of the 3 I prefer the HS(I have 407 and 507's both c and k sizes) they've been rock solid for reliability but then so have the RMR's but I also paid like $150 more for the Trijicon's and can't say they do anyhing better maybe more reliable if I want to throw them off the roof. My vortex has worked fine for me but they do have a high failure rate in comparison to others.
In short I see more holosuns in my future, if I buy another Trijicon probably be the SRO I shot someones pistol with one and I liked the larger window. I won't purchase any Vortex dots unless they come out with something better then viper and venom.
I really like the votex sights and had good luck with them but I'm leaning towards the holosun 407c for instant on. Who wants to turn them on and off when you can just put a cover on them and stow them.

Is the 407c Mico size? And if so which plate do they use? Do they use the co-witness plate with the rear sight?
I've got vortex Strike Eagle, Strikefire and Sparc , I do like Vortex but if you look you'll find alot of failures among the pistol sights. 407c is RMR size K is the smaller one. Shake Awake is great feature. Don't have a Rival I can't answer the plate question.
By StuartV
I definitely would not put a Venom on a self-/home-defense gun.

They do not have Auto turn on. If you set the Brightness to Auto, then they turn off after 14 hours. So, it's likely to be off when you need it.

Or, you can set the Brightness manually. Then, they do not auto turn off, so you can leave it on. But, on High, they only last for 150 hours. And they don't give specs for any intermediate brightness level. So, you can choose between having it bright enough to see if you need it in broad daylight - but probably having the battery die before you ever actually need it - or you can leave it on with the brightness so low that it will still be on when you need it, but maybe not bright enough to see.

I like the Holosun models with Shake Awake. I have a 507C-Green on my Canik and it is still working fine after being "on" for about 8 months now? But, I don't carry my Canik, so I usually leave it on a lower brightness setting. I actually don't know if it has an Auto brightness option.
Have the Holosun 507K on my P365XL. Was thinking to buy another one to the Rival. Went down to the gunshop. They had no 507K. The 507 C had no screws that was working with the threads in the plate. Same story with a Swampfox and Romeo1. Footprint was O.K. But not the right screws. The Holosun 507K comes with M4 so that would work. The guy behind the counter recommended to order a Leupold DeltaPoint pro on Amazon. Got one for 403USD. It had matching screws for the plate. Installation took less than 10 minutes. Has a bigger window which I like. The adjustments are just like the Holosun with “clicks” one click/one MOA. I love the click system. So far I’m happy with the 🔴. It was almost @ zero out from the box. Is it more accurate than a Holosun? I doubt there is a noticeable difference. But it looks better as it is bigger. You get a sense of quality when you pick it up.
By StuartV
I moved my 507C right over from my TP9 SFx to my Rival. The screws that came with it worked fine in both.

Today, I picked up a 407CO. I moved the 507C back to the TP9 and put the 407 on the Rival. It also went right on with the screws that came with it.

I really like the 407CO. Looks identical to the 507C. Same size, objective, and footprint. But the 407CO has an 8 MOA donut for a reticle, instead of a dot (or the dot/circle setup in the 507).

I took it to the range and put about 150 rounds through the Rival with the new optic. I like the 407CO so much that if I could sell the 507C for a reasonable price, I would put another 407CO on my TP9 SFx.
i bought the 407c for my Rival darkside. it looks like im gonna need to modify the RC04 plate to make it work. what am i missing? has anyone else had to make modifications to a plate to make it fit correctly?
By StuartV
I shot a USPSA match with the 407CO on my Rival yesterday. I have been shooting matches with my TP9 SFx with the 507C (set to the 2 MOA dot). I like the 8 MOA donut much better. The donut is enough bigger that it makes it quicker and easier to acquire in the sight picture. But, it is not so big that it obscures anything I'm shooting at.

If I were shooting for precision - like bullseye targets at 25 yards and greater, I would want the 2 MOA dot. For anything 25 yards or less, the 8 MOA donut is the way to go, in my opinion.

If I could upload pictures here, I would post one of the target I shot on Friday with the 8 MOA. 5 rounds at 10 yards. 4 overlapping holes and 1 about 1/4 inch from overlapping with the rest. All inside a bullseye ring that is 1.25 inches across. I don't mean that to sound like bragging. I am just trying to explain the level of precision you can get even with an 8 MOA donut.
Jester560 wrote: Fri Apr 01, 2022 8:05 am The best deal going is the FTP Alpha 3 @ $379. I have one on my comp SFx and it is a steal at that price.
Even less with a discount code. I got two at about $365 each and moved one to my Rival. Big window, big dot (or small if that's your thing), bright, adjustable, and fits on the included 06 plate.

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