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By StuartV
I used some screws from the Amazon kit and got my FTP mounted. It does not have locator studs going into the holes on the bottom of the front portion, but the sight does butt solidly up against the lip of the slide at the front of the optic adapter plate, which seems like it helps to keep it from being able to move around.

I shot my first match with the FTP on Saturday (video posted over in the competition sub-forum). I felt like I shot the best that I have. I really surprised myself. (though we're only talking solid mid-C class scores). There were a number of steel pepper poppers on the different stages and, as far as I can remember, I hit every one of them with just one shot. For me, that is awesome. :) I can't say for sure, but it definitely feels like the bigger window of the FTP (vs the 407CO I was using) helped me pick up my targets a smidge quicker.

I take the accuracy with which I shot as a good sign that the optic did not move at all, even without having the front locator studs on the adapter plate.
By Mark90
I have the Mete SFT and use the Holosun 507K green. It's a bit small but you get used to it and once muscle memory starts kicking in I haven't had issues with the small window. The thing I like is I can co-witness my iron sights.
You do have to sand down the raised nipples on the plate but there are plenty of YouTube videos showing how to do this.
This is now my go to setup for IDPA.
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