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By gunn
I just took both my Mete SFx and my Mete SFT out and shot them. These are my fifth and sixth Canik's. First I made adjustments to all of my 20 round magazines so they will fit all my Canik's. I took a mix of factory and Promags to the range. I also brought ammo in 115 gr and 124 gr. Both fired flawlessly, in fact it did not matter what combo I shot, pistols, mags or bullets, they fired flawlessly. I am so used to breaking in my Caniks with 124 gr bullets, that it was nice to just fire what I put in the mag. As for sights, they only take the smaller red dots. So I put Sig Romeo Zero's on them. As to accuracy, typical Canik, you hit what you aim at and at 20 yards, I was extremely pleased. In fact, I may retire my old SFx from competition and use the Mete SFx. Trigger, again they are Caniks. I am very pleased with my newest additions from Turkey.
I just realized I posted this in the non Canon area.

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