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The second trip to the range with the new elite. I'm trying to figure out what is going on. The gun shoots great and has nice groups, however it seems to be consistently low and to the right(left handed shorter) at all distances from 7 to 10 yards. I'm wondering if it's something I am doing, POA, flinching, or something completely different.

My grip is tight and I don't need to readjust between shots. I have done a bunch of dry fire exercises at home and I don't see any movement when I squeeze the trigger but for some reason at the range I develop a slight shake. I can settle that down before I squeeze the round off.

This range trip was with 115 grain Federal american eagle fmj

Thanks in advance for the help
Normally, shooting low & right for a left-handed shooter is an indication of "flinching" or anticipating the recoil and pushing against it.

Dry firing will help to reduce or eliminate this but not always. Best way to see it is to put 5 or so rounds into a mag with one snap cap in an unknown position (have a buddy do this for you). Fire rounds and watch what you do when the snap cap is stuck. Most people push forward and down to counter the recoil.

If you want to eliminate the firearm, shoot it at 7-10 yards from a stable rest to see POA vs. POI.
I bet your flinching. I started doing the same thing. I know when there is a live round in the gun so it only shows up when I'm actually shooting. There are not a lot of good tutorials on line about how to stop flinching only the easy part, how to find out if you are flinching.

What I have been trying to do is only think about the sights or the red dot. Just concentrate on keeping them on target and don't pay any attention to my trigger finger. Seems to help. It's kinda a tricky one. It's what I should be doing. I'm just doling it at the wrong time.
Aside from the mental aspects which may induce flinching, remember this also - don't apply any extra hand pressure when pressing the trigger. Once your grip is set prior to taking your shot(s), nothing changes. It's all finger after that, straight rearward, deliberate press without dragging.
I often resort to running the "ball and dummy" drill with students who flinch. I load a mix of live and snap cap rounds in the mag and have them really pay attention to any gun/hand/arm motion while pressing the trigger. Most everyone hits the snap cap and then says, "wow, I saw that!".
Forced training for the brain.
I may also have them dry fire about 10 reps at the target if I see them flinch. If they flinch during dry fire, we go back to 1, and go 10 reps again. More forced training.
Another fun one is the empty case or live round standing up on the top of the slide. Press the trigger, and repeat until you don't drop the case/round. More forced training.
Nice thing is, aside from the ball and dummy drill, we can do this stuff at home.
As well, laser/SIRT guns or laser insert for the chamber are immediate indicators of bad flinching. If that laser is dancing like a firefly, you have some work to do!
Of course, with exception of ball & dummy, there is no "bang" occurring during some of these other drills, but it helps to develop better habits.
Ever have someone videotape you while shooting? Or do it yourself? Easy way to spot bad habits.

Research - there are other tried-and-true practice drills to help with flinching, if this is indeed your challenge. :-D

Good luck!

Neil 8-)
A good dry fire drill you an do is to aim at a target, keep your eyes fucused on the front sight, cock the pistol and slowly pull the trigger. Keep repeating until you can pull the trigger without the front sight moving.
Prop the gun up on something solid(-ish), like even a range bag or whatever. Shoot a few rounds where the gun CAN'T move (other than recoil).

Give yourself some confidence that the gun does indeed shoot to Point Of Aim.

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